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Why would a descending air mass be drier?

Answer and Explanation: A descending air mass is drier because the air becomes warmer as it moves down in the atmosphere.

What happens if the air is saturated and the temperature drops?

On the other hand, if you drop the temperature below 60 degrees F, the saturated air will be unable to retain all of the water vapor at the new lower temperature (its capacity will be exceeded) and a portion of the water vapor will be condensed. This temperature where the change of state occurs is called the dew point.

What is the dew point answers com?

The dew point is the temperature at which the air will become completely saturated. It is determined by the amount of moisture in the air, and the temperature. Fog will form when the temperature is close to the dew point.

What is the dew point apex?

Dew Point is a program calculating the Acid Dew Point and Water Dew Point of fluegases for a given composition and combustion conditions. The software package Dew Point is derived from APEX Group’s design expertise and is offered to our customers and business relations for free use.

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