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Why is the air temperature near the ceiling of a room tend to be warmer?

Convection is the transfer of heat by the physical movement of hot masses of air. As air is heated, it expands (as do all objects). (This is why the air near the ceiling of a heated room is warmer than that near the floor.)

Which of the following is the transfer of energy as heat by the movement of a liquid or gas?


Why is it called a heat?

Back in the 1600s, when kings weren’t hiding in oak trees or being beheaded, they enjoyed a spot of horse racing. And when they took their horse for a gallop to prepare it for a race, they called this a heat, for the obvious reason that they were warming the horse up.

What does the root Greg mean?

WordReference Random House Learner’s Dictionary of American English © 2021. -greg- , root. -greg- comes from Latin, where it has the meaning “group; flock. ” This meaning is found in such words as: aggregate, congregate, desegregate, gregarious, segregate.

Is the name Greg in the Bible?

Etymology & Historical Origin of the Baby Name Gregory The name was adopted by early Christians heedful of the Biblical passage located in 1 Peter 5:8, “Be sober-minded; be watchful. There were also many highly revered early saints named Gregorius which helped to popularize the name during the Middle Ages.

Is Greg a word?

This ROOT-WORD is GREG which comes from the Latin grex & gregis meaning HERD, FLOCK & MOB. From that rather sour meaning we have developed the better words, GROUP, TROOF & CROWD. The burning word in the list is No. 15, seGREGation, and it is good to be able to know just why it means what it means.

Which root means bad or evil?


What is the root of malicious?

Malicious is the adjective based on the noun malice, which means the desire to harm others. Both words come from the Latin word malus, for bad. If someone is malicious he doesn’t just make bad things happen; he loves to make bad things happen.

Which root means good?

root Bon

What does a root mean sexually?

Root is an offensive Australian slang verb meaning “have sexual intercourse with”. Announcing to an Australian that you “are a cheerleader, so you don’t see many football games because you are in the stands rooting” will give a misleading impression about your devotion to the team. 2. To grow roots.

What does coming in for a root mean?

Rooting in Australian/Kiwi English means ‘having sex’ (though not commonly used by the younger generation) So to ‘have a root’ or to ‘go for a root’ means going to get/have some sex.

Why do Aussies say aye?

‘Aye’ meaning It is usually tacked on to the end of sentences to finalize what you are saying to someone. It is often used for no reason at all. It’s apparently more commonly used by Queenslanders. Pronounced like Ay or simply the letter A.