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The Sam Browne belt is named after Sir Samuel James Browne, VC. Browne found this ungainly with his left arm missing, and devised an external belt, supported on the left-hand (sword) side by a shoulder strap. The belt had two shoulder pieces when a pistol was added.

What is shoulder belt called?

A “sash” or shoulder harness is a strap that goes diagonally over the vehicle occupant’s outboard shoulder and is buckled inboard of his or her lap. The shoulder harness may attach to the lap belt tongue, or it may have a tongue and buckle completely separate from those of the lap belt.

What is a British gorget?

A gorget is a metal neck piece, lunette or crescent-shaped, usually made of silver or gilded brass. Originally a piece of steel armor for protecting the throat, gorgets had by the middle of the 17th century changed in shape and use until they were no longer functional as protective coverings.

What is the purpose of a gorget?

The gorget served as an anchor point for the pauldrons, which either had holes in them to engage pins projecting from the gorget, or straps which could be buckled to the gorget.

Who usually wore a gorget?

In addition to its protective value, the gorget quickly became a symbol of rank and social status. Richly embellished gorgets were prized especially by the wealthy burghers of Holland, who wore them in their duties as officers of city militias.

What is a humpback gorget?

Humped gorgets are rare artifacts which probably date to the Glacial Kame culture of 4,000 years before present. Many humped gorgets are made of banded slate, but raw materials also in- clude dense black slate, quartzite, and siltstone.

What is a gorget artifact?

A gorget is a decorative or protective polished stone piece, worn around the throat or chest. (

How do I identify my Native American stone tools?

Determine if your suspected Native American stone tool is a man-made object or a natural geological rock formation. Look at it under a microscope for signs of being worked. Search for evidence of pecking, sanding or knapping. Examine artifacts found at known Native American habitation and hunting sites.

What is a discoidal stone?

A discoidal is a round Mississippian game stone that was used in the ancient Native American game known as chungke or chunkey. They are found throughout the southeastern and midwestern United States.

What is a plummet stone?

Plummets, or weights, were used to sink a fishing net in the water to catch fish. Native men from southern New England often made the tools with which they worked, including their own hemp nets. For Native American groups living along river valleys and coastal areas, fish were a critical component of their diet.

What is plummet weight made out of?

A plumb bob, or plummet, is a weight, usually with a pointed tip on the bottom, suspended from a string and used as a vertical reference line, or plumb-line. It is a precursor to the spirit level and used to establish a vertical datum. It is typically made of lead, stone or wood but can also be made of metal.

What is Discoidal shape?

Definitions of discoidal. adjective. having a flat circular shape. synonyms: disc-shaped, disclike, discoid, disk-shaped, disklike circular, round. having a circular shape.

What is a Discoidal used for?

Although styles often varied from region to region, they were all used as game stones. Discoidals began appearing at late Woodland sites in eastern Missouri and southern Illinois around 700 A.D. By Mississippian times, chunkey’s popularity had spread throughout the Mississippian world.

What is an Indian Bannerstone?

In the Eastern half of the United States between 6000 and 1000 B.C.E., in a period known as the Archaic, thousands of nomadic Native Americans travelled and lived along the Mississippi and Ohio rivers. Amongst the art they made and left behind are enigmatic, carefully carved stones known today as bannerstones.

What is an Indian game ball?

Indian Ball is a “bat-and-ball” game featuring a baseball bat and ball. The sport originated in the late 1940s in St. Louis, Missouri so that if 18 players weren’t available to play a regular baseball game or a full sized field wasn’t available they could play an alternate game much like baseball but for fewer players.

What were Native American grinding stones used for?

A Native American grinding stone was a tool used to grind various foods, such as corn or acorns, to prepare them for cooking.

What is a grinding stone called?

A grindstone is a round sharpening stone used for grinding or sharpening ferrous tools. Grindstones are usually made from sandstone.

What did Native Americans use obsidian for?

Native americans used obsidian for knives, arrowheads, spear points, scrapers, and many other weapons and tools. The Black Obsidian stone has a very powerful energy that probably only the Capricorn individual can handle.