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Why is California so heavily populated?

Why is California so heavily populated?

Population growth results from two factors. The first is natural increase–the excess of births over deaths. This factor by itself currently causes California’s population to grow by about 1.1 percent annually. The second is net migration–the excess of people moving into the state over people leaving the state.

How did California become the most populous state?

According to the University of Washington professor James N. Gregory, the state became the most populous in the nation because many people migrated to the area from other states and nations. The first inhabitants of coastal California were Native Americans. They occupied the land for thousands of years.

What areas of California are the most densely populated?

View city population density statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau’s updated list of urban areas.

Location Population Population/sq. mile
Los Angeles, Calif. /td>

San Francisco, Calif. 3,281,212 6,266
San Jose, Calif. 1,664,496 5,820
Delano, Calif. 54,372 5,483

What is Southern California known for?

It is the third most populated megalopolis in the United States, after the Great Lakes Megalopolis and the Northeast Megalopolis. Much of southern California is famous for its large, spread-out, suburban communities and use of automobiles and highways.

Is SoCal better than NorCal?

For those who enjoy living in a region with dynamic weather, easy transit, and entrepreneurial opportunities, NorCal might be the place for you. However, for those entertainment lovers who prefer to spend their days outside relaxing near the beach, SoCal might be more your style.

Is NorCal more expensive than SoCal?

Housing Prices Both NorCal and SoCal have many affordable areas as well as extremely expensive areas. Generally speaking, the closer one gets to the coast (and big, metropolitan areas), the more expensive housing becomes.