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Why does Japan have numerous volcanoes and earthquakes?

The formation of these mountains is caused by volcanoes erupting and magma accumulating and hardening. Japan lies along the Pacific Ring of Fire (area where numerous active volcanoes and earthquakes occur). The active volcanoes lie along the edge of these plates due to subduction zones (collision of tectonic plates).

Which country has the best disaster management?


Is Japan prepared for natural disasters?

Japan is known as a country prone to natural disasters due to its topography. Japan’s topography may have had the country at a disadvantage when it comes to natural disasters, but it’s always prepared to countermeasure all calamities.

When was the last natural disaster in Japan?


Can an aircraft carrier survive a tsunami?

Yes. Tsunamis are generally not much more than a gentle swell in deep water where you will find a carrier and its escorts. The gentle swell may hide a pulse of water moving 50 mph in water 2000 feet deep.

Can nuclear submarines run forever?

How Long Can Submarines Stay Underwater? The Navy’s nuclear-powered submarines can stay submerged for long periods of time. Air isn’t a problem as their make their own oxygen and keep the air clean. The limits on how long they can stay underwater are food and supplies.

How do submarines dispose of human waste?

Unlike surface ships, submarines are almost never resupplied at sea. Waste that is discharged overboard must either be pumped out against the ambient sea pressure or blown out using pressurized air. Waste materials are collected and periodically discharged.

What country has the most advanced submarines?

Here are the 10 countries with the most submarines:

  • North Korea (83)
  • China (74)
  • United States (66)
  • Russia (62)
  • Iran (34)
  • South Korea (22)
  • Japan (20)
  • India (16)