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Why does ionization decrease down a group?

On the periodic table, first ionization energy generally decreases as you move down a group. This is because the outermost electron is, on average, farther from the nucleus, meaning it is held less tightly and requires less energy to remove.

Why are Coulombic attractions important when it comes to atoms?

Due to the coulombic attraction, the electrons are attracted towards the positively charged nucleus which contains protons. The strengths of the nuclei differ from atom to atom. Some atoms have a strong coulombic attraction compared to others due to the number of protons in the nucleus.

Why does coulombic attraction increase across a period?

Across a period, effective nuclear charge increases as electron shielding remains constant. A higher effective nuclear charge causes greater attractions to the electrons, pulling the electron cloud closer to the nucleus which results in a smaller atomic radius.

How does coulombic attraction impact the atomic size?

– As you go across a period, electrons are added to the same energy level. The concentration of more protons in the nucleus creates a “higher effective nuclear charge.” In other words, there is a stronger force of attraction pulling the electrons closer to the nucleus resulting in a smaller atomic radius.

What factors influence the strength of attraction between two charged particles?

Charles Coulomb determined how to figure out the strength of the force between charged particles. As we’ll discuss in this lesson, he found that the force between charged particles was dependent on only two factors: the distance between the particles and the amount of electric charge that they carried.

What are two things that affect gravitational force?

When dealing with the force of gravity between two objects, there are only two things that are important – mass, and distance. The force of gravity depends directly upon the masses of the two objects, and inversely on the square of the distance between them.

What are the factors affecting the acceleration due to gravity?

Although mass has no effect on the acceleration due to gravity, there are three factors that do. They are location, location, location.

What is the value for acceleration due to gravity?

9.8 m/s2

What are the factors that affect acceleration?

The acceleration of an object depends on the mass of the object and the amount of the force applied to it. It states that the acceleration of an object increases with increased force and decreases with increased mass.

What is the effect of gravity on falling objects?

When objects fall to the ground, gravity causes them to accelerate. Acceleration is a change in velocity, and velocity, in turn, is a measure of the speed and direction of motion. Gravity causes an object to fall toward the ground at a faster and faster velocity the longer the object falls.