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Why does Cassie go to Strawberry?

Why does Cassie go to Strawberry?

Avery asked if she would take T.J. to pick up some items in Strawberry that they couldn’t get at the Wallace store. And now the reason why Cassie is allowed to go becomes clear: Big Ma doesn’t want to ride for twenty-two miles listening to T.J.’s unceasing chatter. Strawberry is nothing like what Cassie imagines.

How does Mama react when Cassie tells her what happened in Strawberry?

Big Ma doesn’t want Cassie to tell Uncle Hammer about their visit to Strawberry because she is afraid that Uncle Hammer will cause even more trouble and will get mad easily (short temper). Mama was upset because Cassie didn’t follow Big Ma’s instructions.

What main idea is mama trying to convey to Cassie when she speaks to her after the incident in Strawberry?

Another Big Life Lesson Alert: Mama tells Cassie that, “Everybody born on this earth is something and nobody, no matter what color, is better than anybody else” (6.85). She explains why the white people think they’re better than the black people: to make themselves feel big.

What difficulties does Cassie face in Chapter 5?

Her entire life, for example, has been a struggle to keep the Logan land away from Harlan Granger. Stacey and Cassie are learning about racism. Cassie does not fully understand the situation in Spokane, Mississippi–she does not understand why Blacks have to back down.

Why does Cassie become so angry at Mr Barnett?

Cassie became angry and Mr. Barnett because he waited on her after all the white people. Mr. Barnett is the shopkeeper in Strawberry.

What did Lillian Jean do to Cassie?

One day, Cassie lures Lillian Jean into the woods, telling her “I got a real nice surprise for you”. She then goads the bigger girl into slapping her, after which Cassie, having been technically hit first, “flail(s) into (Lillian Jean)…

Why does Cassie tell Lillian Jean that shes no longer?

Why does Cassie tell Lillian Jean that she’s no longer upset about the Strawberry incident? She wants Lillian Jean to trust her.

How does Barnett treat Cassie How does she react?

How does she react? Mr. Barnett first ignores Cassie and then yells at her. Cassie talks back to him as he throws her out of his store.

Why did TJ want Mrs Logan into trouble?

He is driven by his own need for acceptance and approval. This leads him to campaign against Mrs. Logan, not because she is ineffective as a teacher or dangerous in any way, but because she failed him twice in her class. He resents the grade and gets revenge on her to make himself feel better.

Why did TJ tell Mr Kaleb that Mrs Logan was an unfit teacher?

Because T.J was annoyed that Mrs. Logan had failed him in a test where she saw him cheating, he went to the Wallace store, and there, he accused Mrs. Logan of being the reason why their store was not buzzing with customers. He also told Mr. Kaleb that Mrs. Logan intentionally failed him.

What was the real reason Mrs Logan was fired?

When someone like Mama refuses to teach false material, she gets into trouble and loses her teaching position. Mama says that the real reason she was fired was because of the boycott—and she doesn’t know what they’ll do, since they needed that money.

Why did Mama get fired from teaching?

So, Mr. Granger has Mama fired from her teaching job, because she thinks she is so much smarter than the person who wrote the textbook. But really, she was fired because of the Wallace store boycott. This is a major bummer, because teaching is so vital to who Mama is.

What was TJ’s punishment for getting Mama fired?

What was T.J.’s punishment for getting Mama fired? Cassie punched him. Everyone stopped talking to him. He was kicked out of school.

Does TJ die in Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry?

Although he is innocent, he is tried by an all-white jury and convicted. Stacey does everything in his power to help his friend, but in the end, T.J. is sentenced to death.

What happened in Chapter 7 of Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry?

Chapter Seven. Mama asks Stacey to bring her his new coat from Uncle Hammer so she can hem it for him, but he has given it away to his friend T.J. Mama is furious and wants him to get the coat, but Uncle Hammer wants Stacey to learn a lesson. If he is ignorant enough to give the coat away, then he does not deserve it.

What is Mr Granger’s true reason for visiting the Logan family in Chapter 7?

He wants to get at the Logan family anyway he can, in order to stop the shopping in Vicksburg. He also wants the Logan land very much. The Logan’s took out a loan from the local bank in order to buy their land.

What happened in chapter 9 of Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry?

It’s now spring, and Cassie tries to get out of going to school by offering to help her father with the farm. Jeremy Simms is sad that he won’t see the Logan kids for a while, since their school lets out in March, while the white kids’ school goes until mid-May. He also lets slip that his brothers, R.W.

How did Mr Morrison show he wasn’t afraid of Kaleb Wallace?

Courage can’t just be said it has to be shown. In the book Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry by Mildred Taylor, Mr. Morrison showed courage by standing to the wallaces, he moved Kaleb Wallace’s car off the road, and when he stayed with the Logans even though he could get hurt Mr.

What does Mr Morrison do when they run into Kaleb Wallace on the road and he won’t move his truck?

Morrison gets down off the wagon and walks around the truck which is blocking his way. He stops at the front of the truck, and, “bending at the knee with his back against the grill, he position(s) his large hands beneath the bumper.

What does Mr Morrison do when Kaleb Wallace blocked the road?

Explain what happens on the way back home. Kaleb Wallace blocks the road with his truck because he is angry that Mr. Morrison hurt his brothers. Morrison lifts the truck and moves it off the road.