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Why do alligators need a warm climate?

The critically endangered Chinese alligator lives in a more extreme climate, while the American alligator prefers the milder climate of the southeastern United States. Alligators are ectotherms — they regulate their body temperature externally — so climate is important to them.

What temperature do alligators need to survive?

Alligators rely on warm weather to survive, and are most active when the environment is between 82 and 92 degrees Fahrenheit. While they can survive at temperatures above and below this range, they may spend that time struggling to stay cool or stay warm.

Are alligators attracted to heat?

Due to their cold-blooded nature, alligators are most active in warmer temperatures, generally from 82 to 92 degrees, and become dormant in temperatures that are below 55 degrees.

Where do alligators live in Georgia?

There are approximately 000 alligators in the state of Georgia. Alligators occur from the southern tip of Texas to the northeastern part of North Carolina. In Georgia, they typically live along and south of the fall line (which roughly traverses the cities of Columbus, Macon and Augusta).

Which exercise not to do in periods?

You may feel like you have less energy than normal during the first couple of menstrual days, when bleeding and cramping are usually heavier. High-intensity exercises like running may not be appropriate. Instead, yoga and breathing exercises can be a good way to help reduce the pain caused by cramping.

Which exercise is best for periods?

  • Best exercises to do during periods. The first few days of periods can be challenging due to abdominal cramps and heavy bleeding.
  • 1: Walking. A simple, light walk is the best exercise you can do during your periods.
  • 2: Running. Yes, running!
  • 3: Yoga.
  • 4: Pilates.
  • 5: Light lifting.
  • 6: Stretching.
  • 7: Dancing.