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Why did Peg Kehret write the book stolen children?

I decided I wanted to write a novel, and I had what I thought was a good idea for a mystery. A young woman, a college student, is hired to baby-sit for a wealthy family, and while she is there the baby gets kidnapped.

What happens in the book stolen children?

”Stolen Children”, by Peg Kehret, is a terrifying tale of the ransom kidnapping of a teenage babysitter, who must plan an escape for herself and for the toddler she has been placed in charge of. She must make a getaway; her life depends on it.

Who is stolen children by?

Peg Kehret

Who are the main characters in the book stolen children?

The main characters are Kendra, Amy, Hugh, Smokey, and the parents of both of the children. Amy needed a job and Kendra’s mom needed a babysitter. Amy got the babysitting job. While Amy was babysitting Kendra somebody came and kidnapped them.

What is the setting in stolen children?

The setting of Stolen Children is the cabin in the woods. The kidnappers that took the children to an abandon cabin were they held then to take DVD’s of them to send to their parents.

What reading level is stolen children Peg Kehret?


How many pages are in stolen children?


How do I find a book if I only remember the cover?

For when you can only vaguely remember what the cover looks like, try Big Book Search. If you can include a keyword from the title, you’ll be more likely to find what you’re looking for. However, if you really can only remember images on the cover, you still might have luck.

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