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Why are smaller planets closer to the sun?

The closer a planet is to the Sun, the less time it takes for it to go around the Sun. It takes less time because the length of the orbit is shorter (a smaller orbit), but it also moves faster in its orbit. Thanks to gravity, it has to move faster in its orbit to stay in orbit!

Why are the planets so far away from each other?

The planets are where they need to be to maintain stable orbits. That is why they are planets – those were the places where gravity pulled matter in that area together. Matter in other areas got pulled to other places until they also reached a spot where they could maintain a stable orbit.

Why do you think planets farther away from the sun take a longer time to make one complete revolution?

If a planet is close to the Sun, the distance it orbits around the Sun is fairly short. This distance is called an orbital path. The closer a planet travels to the Sun, the more the Sun’s gravity can pull on the planet. The stronger the pull of the Sun’s gravity, the faster the planet orbits.

What do astronauts eat in space?

An astronaut can choose from many types of foods such as fruits, nuts, peanut butter, chicken, beef, seafood, candy, brownies, etc. Available drinks include coffee, tea, orange juice, fruit punches and lemonade. As on Earth, space food comes in disposable packages.

Do astronauts keep their space suits?

Each Apollo mission required 15 suits to support the mission. The backup three-man crew each had two suits: one for flight and one for training. Astronauts usually use tethers to keep them attached to the spacecraft while on a spacewalk.

Are astronauts cold in space?

Spacewalking astronauts face radiation, dust, debris, and extreme temperatures. Temperatures on spacewalks may vary from as cold as minus 250 degrees Fahrenheit to as hot as 250 degrees in the sunlight. The suits provide the proper pressure for the body and supply astronauts with water to drink and oxygen to breathe.

Do astronauts shower in space?

The astronauts wipe their body clean by using a wet towel, and wash their hair by using waterless shampoo. Since water does not flow in a zero-gravity environment, the astronauts cannot wash their hands under a faucet as you do on Earth. So, there are no sinks or showers inside the space shuttle.