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Who killed in the Westing Game?

In the end of of the Westing Games, the heirs find out that Alexander (Sandy)McSoutherns, Barney Northrup, and Julian Eastman are all the suspected victim of murder, Samuel W. Westing! This means that Samuel faked his own death and took disguise as three other people.

Who does Mr Westing pretend to be?

During the course of the story, Mr. Westing pretends to be four other people, and those four people are known as Barney Northrup, Julian Eastman, Sandy McSouthers, and Sam Westing. The last alias, Sam Westing, shares the same name as Mr. Westing but is an alias nonetheless.

Who did Sam Westing marry?

Berthe Erica Crow

Did Sam Westing die of a heart attack?

Angela wants to hug Crow too, but she settles for giving her a smile. Ed Plum explains that Crow’s arrest was a “regrettable mistake.” The sheriff had wanted to arrest Ed Plum. However, the coroner had determined that Mr. McSouthers and Sam Westing had died of heart attacks.

Is Sam Westing good or bad?

Sam Westing Westing is a fun antagonist because, even though we never meet him as himself (just see him disguised as other characters), he’s the reason the book’s whole plot is set in motion. In Westing’s defense, we see him working pretty hard—in disguise, of course—to fix his past wrongs.

Is Sam Westing a good man?

Westing is a g-good man,” Chris said aloud. “I think his last wish was to do g-good deeds. He g-gave me a p-partner who helped me. He g-gave everybody the p-perfect p-partner to m-make friends.”

Who did Violet Westing really want to marry?

Tenant in 2D and older son of George and Catherine, a high school senior who wants to be a writer, works in his parent’s coffee Shop. She looks like Angela, committed suicide because she didn’t want to marry a man she didn’t want, she really wanted to marry George Theodorakis.

How did Sandy McSouthers die?

Subsequently, question is, how did Sandy McSouthers die? He did not die because he ran out of medication, when he once again faked his death for the second time. He died because he was getting older, and sicker than he was.

Who is Theo Theodorakis?

Theo Theodorakis is a high-school senior. He’s one of Sam Westing’s 16 potential heirs. George and Catherine’s and Chris’s older brother, Theo is a family-oriented youth who loves his parents and his brother and who is determined to do whatever he can to help them all through a difficult time.

Who is Chris Theodorakis?

Chris Theodorakis is George and Catherine’s the 15-year-old son and Theo’s younger brother. He’s one of Sam Westing’s 16 potential heirs.

Who does Angela Wexler marry?

Denton Deere

Why did Angela stop wearing her engagement ring?

Angela is engaged to Dr. In chapter nine, Angela tells her mother that she stopped wearing her engagement ring due to a rash on her finger.

Why is Angela so unhappy Westing Game?

Why does Angela become upset when everyone continually asks about Denton? Angela is suffering an identity crisis and she thinks that people feel she is nothing without Denton.

Who was injured at Angela’s bridal shower?

Sydelle Pulaski

Who is Grace Wexler jealous of?

Hoo is only 28 years old and she doesn’t speak much English. She’s beautiful and young causing Grace Wexler to get jealous when Mrs. Hoo and Jake Wexler are together. Madame Hoo’s partner is Jake Wexler and they receive the clues: OF AMERICA AND GOD ABOVE.

What will turtle do if you touch her braid?

What will Turtle do if you touch her braid? If you touch Turtle’s braid, she will kick you in the shins.

Why does turtle thank Angela at Angela’s wedding shower?

Turtle reminds Angela that she’s always said it was about the inner person, not outer beauty—Angela wonders if she was right. Turtle tells her it was a stupid thing to do, and Sydelle realizes that Angela was the bomber.

Why was Mr Hoo almost happy?

Mr. Hoo was almost happy because Doug won an olympic gold medal and set a new record for the 1500 race. What had happened to Denton Deere? Denton Deere became a neurologist, and he is not engaged.

Why does turtle call Mrs Baumbach Baba?

Turtle thought the name Mrs. Baba would be better for Mrs. Baumbach because of the bomb scare.