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Who is the leader in the destructors?

Who is the leader in the destructors?

Mike. A member of the Wormsley Common gang, Mike is the only one who is surprised when T. becomes the leader. Mike has always been easily surprised and gullible; when he was nine, he believed someone who told him that if he did not keep his mouth shut, he would get a frog in it.

What type of character is Mike in the destructors?

Mike Character Analysis. Mike is one of the youngest members of the group. Mike’s frequent moments of surprise show the difficulty of mastering the group’s code and moving from childhood into adolescence. Mike is eager to contribute and wants to be taken seriously.

How is Trevor the protagonist in the destructors?

Protagonist: T/Trevor: He is a round character because we learn quite a bit about his personality. He is also a static character because he does not change throughout the story. Antagonist: The House: Although it is not a person, the house is the force that opposes T.

Why does t want to destroy the house in the destructors?

Graham Greene himself once said, “Destruction, after all, is a form of creation.” Trevor represents class struggle; he also exhibits the nihilism that resulted from the great wars, especially World War II. They destroyed Old Misery’s house because it was there, and because mob mentality took over.

What is the message of the destructors?

One of the main themes of the story “The Destructors” is loyalty. Before Trevor becomes a member of the Wormsley Common Gang, their undisputed leader is a boy named Blackie, who is very much a “gang” boy.

What message is Graham Greene trying to communicate with his short story The destructors?

Destruction and Creation Set in post-WWII England, the short story itself suggests the possibility of creation in the face of destruction, specifically the widespread German bombings of London. Mr. Thomas’ house itself stands between two structures destroyed by the air raids.

What are the symbols in the destructors?

The Destructors Symbols

  • Top Hat. Top hats in the story symbolize the obsolete values of the upper class in post-WW2-England, and the mocking attitude of the formerly lower class towards those upper class values.
  • Mr. Thomas’s Lavatory.
  • Sounds of Destruction.

What does Old Misery’s house symbolize?

Old Misery’s stately home stands as a symbol of a bygone age, an age of elegance and nobility. The home is a representation of a vanishing heritage, one unceremoniously swept away by the Second World War. The house actually allegorically represents or is the symbol for the Sri Lankan state.

What is the lorry driver’s reaction at the end of the story?

The truck driver is struck by the sheer surreal nature of that which is around him. It is so destructive that it almost shocks the sensibilities to a point where laughter is evident. The final paragraph of the story reveals this.

How is the destructors ironic?

In the context of the story, this is ironic because the boys, and the truck driver, are proving that people like Mr Thomas are indeed their betters; Mr Thomas would never dream of breaking into someone’s home and demolishing it, or laughing at someone to whom this had happened.