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Who accuses scout of acting like a girl?

Jem knows that Scout is embarrassed to be referred to as a “girl,” which is synonymous with the word sissy, and so she will stop complaining about their risky plan. After Jem accuses Scout of acting like a girl, Scout mentions that she has no other choice than to join the boys on their nighttime raid.

Why does scout think that JEM is becoming like a girl?

she says that jem is getting more like a girl because he has a reluctance to kill anything that does no harm. You just studied 3 terms!

Who thinks scout doesn’t dress or behave like a lady?

Aunt Alexandra

Why does Scout decide to be a lady?

Scout is saying she wants to be a better lady than Stephanie as she is teasing Scout, and Miss Maudie is trying to comfort her and also keep her from saying something snotty. Scout has a tendency to speak her mind. She also often gets in trouble for saying things to adults that she maybe shouldn’t have.

How did Tom die?

In chapter 24 of To Kill a Mockingbird, Tom Robinson attempts to escape the prison where he is being held as he awaits execution for the rape of Mayella Ewell. While he is fleeing the prison, he is shot in the back by guards seventeen times. He dies from his wounds.

What bad news does Atticus bring home?

What bad news does Atticus bring home? The bad news is that Tom had attempted escape and had been killed by guards.

What bad news does Atticus bring home 24?

Expert Answers Hover for more information. Atticus briefly stops home in Chapter 24 to ask Calpurnia if she can go with him to visit Helen Robinson’s home to inform her of Tom’s death. Atticus has to interrupt his sister’s missionary circle and speaks to Calpurnia, Maudie, and Alexandra in the kitchen.

Why did Jem gain weight?

The reason that Jem wants to gain weight is that he wants to go out for the football team. He tried out as a 7th grader (this year) but he was too skinny and the coach wouldn’t let him do anything other than carrying water buckets. So he feels he’d better gain weight.

What did Scout learn about being a lady?

What Scout learns about what it meant to be a lady in Maycomb is troubling to her and to us as readers. She learned that being a lady meant gossiping about other people. If you are a lady, Scout learns, you need to be caring and fair. You need to not be hypocritical like the other women who are at the gathering.

How does Scout act like a lady?

Aunt Alexandra is determined for Scout to act like a “lady,” by wearing dresses and playing with “girl” toys. Scout has a tomboy personality and is determined to rebel against Alexandra’s expectations.

What does Miss Maudie teach scout about being a lady?

Thanks to Miss Maudie, Scout learns that it’s okay for ladies to potter around the garden wearing a straw hat and men’s coveralls. Miss Maudie also teaches Scout that it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird. What she means by this is that there are creatures who are put on this earth to do nothing but good.

What It Means to Be a Lady To Kill a Mockingbird?

Based upon Miss Maudie’s and Aunt Alexandra’s influence, Scout sees that a true lady is able to remain hospitable, friendly, and even smiling in the face of adversity, which takes a great deal of courage and composure.

What is Aunt Alexandra’s definition of a lady?

Aunt Alexandra wishes Scout would act like a proper Southern lady and not behave like a “tomboy.” Alexandra believes a female should wear dresses, engage in social activities, and remain indoors. She also believes a lady should have an understanding of her heritage and not participate in physical activities.

Why is killing Tom wrong?

Sadly, as a mockingbird, Tom was killed because of nothing he did. He was misjudged and misunderstood. While Tom was an example of a killed mockingbird, at the end of the novel it was Boo who could have been killed by others because of people who didn’t bother to look into Boo’s actions.

What does Scout finally learn from her aunt?

One thing that Scout learns from Aunt Alexandra throughout the course of the meeting in Chapter 24 is that this culture of Maycomb’s female socialites is marked with codes and certain ways of “being a lady.” More importantly for Scout, she learns that many of these ladies are hypocrites.

What does scout say about herself?

When Scout says that they are calling her a girl, what she means is that she is not one of the boys, and not included in the group. She is a tomboy, and likes to think of herself as being able to do anything a boy can do.

Why does JEM get upset with Scout?

When Scout tries to tell Jem about Miss Gates (her teacher), Jem reacts violently because he is mad and upset that Tom was wrongly accused and convicted of raping Mayella Ewell. Speaking of the trial makes him very mad and sad, so he does not like talking about it.

Why does Jem say Boo Radley should not be home?

Jem says that Boo Radley must not be home because the Radley house is completely dark and silent, as though it is empty. His statement is ironic because Boo Radley is a recluse, who is always home.

How does JEM let Scout know he is angry with her?

On the last day of school, how does Jem let Scout know he is angry with her? He pushes her in the tire swing until she becomes dizzy and sick.