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Which situation will most likely cause the sustainability of an ecosystem to weaken?

Organisms that depend on insects may not survive, eventually harming all the organisms that are interconnected. Explanation: Explains why a decrease in the types of insects in an ecosystem reduces the sustainability of the ecosystem. The answer is B ; a disease wiped out several plant species.

Which is an example of biodiversity contributing to the sustainability of an ecosystem?

Answer: Many kinds of fruit trees support a variety of birds and other animals in a forest. Explanation: The biodiversity of the ecosystem contributes to the sustainability in the ecosystem. The higher the biodiversity the more the sustainability.

Which ecosystem most likely has the highest biodiversity?


What are the ways in which captive breeding help protect biodiversity?

Answer: Captive breeding can increase population numbers. Captive breeding can help remove species from the Endangered Species List. Captive breeding can result in the eventual release of offspring into the wild

What are the factors that lead to loss of biodiversity?

Reason for Loss of Biodiversity

  • Habitat destruction. Habitat destruction is a major cause of biodiversity loss.
  • Invasive Species.
  • Over-exploitation of Species.
  • Global Warming and Climate Change.
  • Pollution.
  • Human Overpopulation.
  • Natural Calamities.
  • Genetic Pollution.

When an ecosystem loses biodiversity How does it change quizlet?

What is a consequence of the loss of biodiversity? The local disappearance of one species can have a negative impact on the overall species richness of the community. The organisms within an established ecosystem interact and form relationships with each other over time.

What will happen to snakes in the long term of mice become extinct?

What will happen to snakes in the long term if mice become extinct? a. The number of snakes will increase temporarily, and then decrease. The number of snakes will decrease permanently, but they will not die out completely.