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Which one of the following transition metal ions is diamagnetic?

Transition metal ion having absence of unpaired electron is diamagnetic. Thus, Zn2+ is dimagnetic.

Which one of the following is a diamagnetic ion CO2+ Cu2+ Mn2+ Sc3+?

Diamagnetic means number of unpaired electron is equal to zero so in Sc 3 positive number of unp electr= 0 so it is diamagnetic. This discussion on Which one of the following is a diamagnetic ion? a)CO2+b)Cu2+c)Mn2+d)Sc3+Correct answer is option ‘D’.

Which of the following is Diamagnetism?

Bismuth is diamagnetism. Was this answer helpful?

Which following is diamagnetic?

Molecules or Atoms are said to be diamagnetic when they do not have any unpaired electron in their orbital. Since, Platinum has no unpaired electrons in its orbital, so the molecules are weakly repelled by an external magnetic field. Therefore, the correct answer is Option (A).

Which of the following metals is paramagnetic?

Paramagnetic Materials: These are metals that are weakly attracted to magnets. They include aluminum, gold, and copper. The atoms of these substances contain electrons most of which spin in the same direction but not all . This gives the atoms some polarity.

Which compound does not show paramagnetism?

Solution : In [Ag(NH3)2]Cl, Ag+ contains d10 configuration.

Which of the complex ion has maximum paramagnetic nature?

So, [Fe(CN)6]3− has maximum paramagnetic character.

Which complex has maximum paramagnetic moment value amongst the following?

So, the magnetic moment = 0. Therefore, the highest magnetic moment is present for the ion [Fe(H₂O)₆]²⁺.

Which one of the following will show paramagnetism corresponding to 2 unpaired electrons?

Answer. (B) [NiCl4]2- shows the paramagnetism.

Which of the following complexes has maximum paramagnetic character?

Mn+2 has d5 configuration with 5 unpaired electrons. Hence, it has the highest paramagnetic character.

Which has the maximum ferromagnetic character?


Which of the following complexes has highest number of unpaired electrons?

In [CuBr41]2−, the Cu2+(3d9) atom undergoes sp3 hybridization and contains 1 unpaired electrons. hence, it has maximum number of unpaired electrons.

Paramagnetic character is directly proportional to number of unpaired electrons. More the number of unpaired electrons more will be its paramagnetic behaviour and vise-versa. For example, [Mn(H2O)6]2+ will show more paramagnetic behaviour than any of the bivalent metal ion of the 3d transition series.