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Which moves faster the minute hand or the hour hand?

The hour hand moves much slower than that. In one hour, it only covers a 30o angle (this is the angle between the two adjacent numbers that represent hours on the clock face). Therefore, the speed of the hour hand is 30o per hour. Eventually, the minute hand will overtake the hour hand.

What is the difference between the minute hand and hour hand?

The large hand on a clock that points to the minutes. Example: in the clock on the left, the minute hand is just past the “4”, and if you count the little marks from “12” it shows that it is 22 minutes past the hour. (The small hand is the “hour hand” and it is just past 8, so it is 22 past 8.)

How does the hour hand move?

An hour hand moves 1/12 of the clock (if that makes sense) in an hour. A clock is a circle with 360 degrees, so it moves 30 degrees per hour. This means that every minute it moves 30/60 degrees, or half a degree. Therefore, the hour hand of a clock moves 1/120 degrees per second.

How do you remember the clock hands?

hands on the clock Try writing their first name on the hour hand and their last name on the minute hand. This will help them remember which to look at first. Also, Little hour hand says; me first, me first, what ever you do, say me first.

What do the hands on the clock mean?

The shortest hand indicates the hour, a longer hand indicates the minutes, and the longest arm indicates the seconds. Some analog clocks have only two hands: the shorter hand indicating the hour and the longer hand indicating the minutes.

At what time are the hour and minute hands of a 12 hour clock together between 6 and 7?

30 minutes will be gained in = 6055×30=3611 = 32811 minutes. So the hands will coincide 32811 minutes past 6.

How many rounds does the hour hand makes in a day?

2 rounds

How many rounds does the hour hand take in 12 hours?

Solution: For every hour, the hour hand moves from one number to another . Therefore for 12 hours, it completes 1 round, and for 24 hours, it takes 2 rounds .

How many rounds does the minute hand make in an hour?

60 rounds

How many hours does the minute hand take to complete 5 rounds?

The minute hand moves a full circle in 60 minutes (1 hour); so 360 degrees. 50 minutes is 5/6 of 60 minutes, so the hand moves 5/6 of 360 degrees = 300 degrees. Please attribute the source of the answer on your homework…

At what time between 9 o’clock and 10 o’clock be in the same straight line but not together?

At 9 o’clock, the hour hand is at 9 and the minute hand is at 12. it means that the two hands are 15 min spaces apart . To be in the same straight line (but not together ), they will be 30 min space apart .

At what time between 5 and 6 o’clock are the hand of a 3 minutes apart?

At what time between 5 and 6 o’ clock are the hands of a 3 minutes apart ? Here x is replaced by the first interval of given time. Here x is 5. therefore the hands will be 3 min apart at 31 5/11 min past 5.