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Which colonial region had the lowest life expectancy?

Which colonial region had the lowest life expectancy?

Southern: Upper and Lower life spans were less than those of England. People were able to live longer in northern regions because of the warm climate on the South that led to diseases.

What was the difference between the New England middle and southern colonies?

The middles colonies had rich farmland and a moderate climate. This made it a more suitable place to grow grain and livestock than New England. Their environment was ideal for small to large farms. The Southern colonies had fertile farmlands which contributed to the rise of cash crops such as rice, tobacco, and indigo.

Why was life expectancy longer in northern colonies than in the south?

It is noted that settlers to New England had a greater life expectancy than those in colonies south of the Chesapeake Bay. And the people up in New England wanted to come for religious freedom, not for riches and than to leave, so they had more motive to keep the colony running.

Why was life expectancy higher in the New England colonies?

The colonists of the New England area possessed a very happy and healthy life. This high way of living was due in part to better farming, a healthier environment, and a high rate of production because of more factories.

What was the most significant difference between the Chesapeake and New England colonies between 1607 to 1732?

The New England colonies had a more diverse economy which included shipping, lumber, and export of food crops. On the other hand, the Chesapeake colonies economy focused almost exclusively on the production and export of tobacco and a few other cash crops.

What were the similarities between the North and South during the Civil War?

Outside of slavery, however, the social strata of the North and South were very similar. Class structure in both developed along very similar lines with a large lower class, a smaller middle class, and a much smaller upper class.

Why is the North better than the South?

The North had geographic advantages, too. It had more farms than the South to provide food for troops. Its land contained most of the country’s iron, coal, copper, and gold. The North controlled the seas, and its 21,000 miles of railroad track allowed troops and supplies to be transported wherever they were needed.

How did slavery differ in the North and the South?

How did the northern and southern views of slavery differ? Most northerners believed that slavery was morally wrong. In the South most people believed that God intended that black people should provide labor for a white “civilized” society. -southerners claimed enslaved people were healthier and happier.

Which are reasons why slavery was not as important in the North as in the South?

Why was slave labor not as important to the North as it was to the South? There was a lack of African Americans living in the North. There were already enough slaves in the North. The South had a monopoly over slave trade.

Did the southern states want slavery?

The scholars immediately disagreed over the causes of the war and disagreement persists today. Many maintain that the primary cause of the war was the Southern states’ desire to preserve the institution of slavery. Others minimize slavery and point to other factors, such as taxation or the principle of States’ Rights.

What day was the slaves free?