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Where is the coldest temperature in our atmosphere found?


Where is the lowest temperature in the atmosphere?


Which layer of the atmosphere has the hottest temperature?


How does the exosphere protect us?

Although the exosphere is the most distance layer of earth’s atmosphere it is the layer that is the planet’s first line of defense against the sun’s rays. It is also the first layer to come into contact and protect the earth from meteors, asteroids, and cosmic rays.

How far is the exosphere from Earth?

120,000 miles

Is the moon in the earths atmosphere?

The outermost part of our planet’s atmosphere extends well beyond the lunar orbit – almost twice the distance to the Moon.

Does the exosphere have oxygen?

The exosphere layer is mainly composed of extremely low densities of hydrogen, helium and several heavier molecules including nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide closer to the exobase. The exosphere contains most of the satellites orbiting Earth.

Is the moon in the exosphere?

Mercury and several large natural satellites, such as the Moon and three Galilean satellites of Jupiter (all except Io), have exospheres without a denser atmosphere underneath, referred to as a surface boundary exosphere.

What is beyond the exosphere?

Above that is the stratosphere, then there’s the mesosphere, thermosphere and finally the exosphere. The top of the exosphere marks the line between the Earth’s atmosphere and interplanetary space. The exosphere is the outermost layer of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Why exosphere is called fringe region?

(Also called spray region.) The upper portion of the exosphere, where the cone of escape equals or exceeds 180°. In this region the individual atoms have so little chance of collision that they essentially travel in free orbits, subject to the earth’s gravitation, at speeds imparted by the last collision.