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Can you use a regular fishing rod in the ocean?

The Bottom Line You can also use freshwater rods and reels when fishing in saltwater; however, it will require more maintenance. So if you’re buying a new fishing pole that you want to use in both freshwater and saltwater, it’s best to go with a saltwater rod and reel.

How do you get a fishing rod back to nature?

The Fishing rod is a type of tool in Harvest Moon: Back To Nature. To get the Fishing rod you will need to talk to Greg between 7-10 AM or PM (Friday, Saturday or Sunday) on the pier on Mineral Beach. You can catch fish with this and randomly fish up power berries or a cooking recipe.

Fish Season Location
Piranha Any Farm, Mountain
Rainbow Trout Summer, Fall Farm, Mountain, Beach, Lighthouse
Redbelly Tilapia Spring, Summer Farm, Mountain, Beach, Lighthouse
Righteye Flounder Spring, Winter Beach, Lighthouse

How do you fish in Harvest Moon ps1?

In Harvest Moon: Back to Nature to get the fishing rod you have to visit the beach between 7:00 to 10:00 am or 7:00 to 10:00 pm on either Friday, Saturday or Sunday. You’ll find Greg on the end of the pier and if you talk to him you’ll receive the Fishing Rod.

Where can I fish in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life?


  • Waterfall/Upper River.
  • Middle River.
  • Lower River.
  • Spring Pond.
  • Swamp Pond.

How do you get a fishing rod in Harvest Moon One World?

Obtaining the Fishing Rod Before even being able to fish, you need to obtain a Fishing Rod itself – you can’t just fish using your hands! To unlock fishing, then, you’ll have to purchase the Old Fishing Rod from the Halo Halo General Store, available by default and costing 2000 G.

How do you upgrade your fishing rod in Harvest Moon?

After settling into Mineral Town, you can visit Zack’s house on Mineral Beach. Zack will give you the fishing rod during this visit. You can upgrade your tools by giving the appropriate ore and fee to Saibara at the blacksmith’s shop. You can measure your upgrade level in the tools menu.

How do you get a bigger bag in Harvest Moon One World?

There are two available bag upgrades which will increase your bag space up to 3 pages. Just progress through the story and each time Doc Jr calls to remind you to check on your mother, that will be the indicator that a bag upgrade is available.

How do you upgrade your tools in one world?

To unlock the Master Toolset, complete the following steps:

  1. Complete Dva’s request Upgrade your Farm Tools! 2 (available after Lebkuchen questline).
  2. Complete Dva’s request Upgrade your Harvesting Tools! 2 (available after Salmiakki questline).

How do I upgrade my tools?

You can upgrade your tools at the Blacksmith in exchange for gold and metal bars, with upgrades taking two days to complete. During the upgrade, you can’t buy anything or ask Clint to break open geodes.

How do you get stronger tools in Harvest Moon One World?

Upgrading tools to higher levels The Interior Design & Tool Upgrade Pack (one of several pieces of Day One DLC available for Harvest Moon: One World) adds an additional upgrade level for all tools. Buying the pack is currently the only way to get your tools to a higher level than expert.

How do you get a legendary hammer in Harvest Moon One World?

Upgrade Your Harvesting Tools! 3 – 5 Titanium to receive Legendary Harvesting Tool Recipes

  1. Legendary Hammer = 1 Master Hammer + 4 Gold.
  2. Legendary Axe = 1 Master Axe + 4 Gold.
  3. Legendary Fishing Rod = 1 Master Fishing Rod + 4 Gold.

How do you get married in Harvest Moon One World?

Marriage Proposal – Kirsi After the event with the Harvest Goddess, you just have to go to the person you wish to marry and it will automatically trigger a proposal notification. You can decide not to propose at this time and you will have the chance to do it again on the next day.

How do you get a better AXE in Harvest Moon One World?

Upgrading your harvesting tools Silver is obtained the same way gold is obtained. Just farm floors 11 and above of the first mine or go to any other mine. The fourth request is the master upgrade which improves your hammer, axe, and fishing rod even more.

Can you expand your barn in Harvest Moon One World?

Here’s what you need to get a larger Barn. It doesn’t take long for your basic Barn in Harvest Moon: One World to become filled. Luckily, as you progress through Harvest Moon’s many requests, you’ll unlock the ability to upgrade to a Large Animal Barn, and you can then upgrade it again.

What is the fastest way to make money in Harvest Moon One World?

Edelweiss Seeds are my favorite go-to crops for earning money. The location is quite far from the farm and teleporter in Lebkuchen so it will take some time to get it. The reward is great once you unlock the seeds to grow these. It will be sold at 1,200G each and the seeds only cost 500G each.

What Animals Can you get in Harvest Moon One World?

Harvest Moon: One World Animals

  • Wild Animals (OW)
  • Horse (OW)
  • Chicken (OW)
  • Camel (OW)