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When the land and the sea warm up at different rates during the day what is generally the result rain a breeze warm temperature snow?

The answer is C a breeze.

Why temperature of land rises and fall more rapidly than that of sea?

Simple physics suggests that when you put more heat into the climate system, land should warm more quickly than oceans. This is because land has a smaller “heat capacity” than water, which means it needs less heat to raise its temperature. Amplified warming over land evident in surface temperature records from NOAA.

What is the sea breeze How is it set up?

Answer: Sea breeze blows during the day and the land heats up faster than the sea. The air on land becomes less dense (i.e.warmer) and rises so the cooler air over the sea which is denser(cooler) flows in to take the place of the warm air, causing a sea breeze.

What is mean by Sea Breeze when does it occur?

Sea breezes occur during hot, summer days because of the unequal heating rates of land and water. During the day, the land surface heats up faster than the water surface. As the warm air over the land is rising, the cooler air over the ocean is flowing over the land surface to replace the rising warm air.

What is mean by sea breeze?

Sea breeze, a local wind system characterized by a flow from sea to land during the day. Since the surface flow of the sea breeze terminates over land, a region of low-level air convergence is produced. Locally, such convergence often induces the upward movement of air, fostering the development of clouds.

Why do we feel very windy standing at the beach during the day time?

The sea breeze is a thermally produced wind blowing during the day from the cool ocean onto the adjoining warm land. It is caused by the difference in the rates of heating between the land and the ocean. The bigger the difference in temperature, the stronger the wind.

Why do Umbrella turn up when the wind is fast?

When strong or high speed wind blows,low pressure is created above the umbrella and high pressure inside the dome of it. As air pressure tries to equalise itself,it flows from high pressure to low pressure, hence upturning the umbrella.

When strong high speed wind blows an umbrella?

Answer: High speed wind passing over the umbrella creates low pressure. Therefore, the umbrella upturns.

Why are roofs blown off when there is a strong wind class 7?

The high wind blowing over the roof creates a low pressure in accordance with Bernoulli’s principle. The pressure below the roof is equal to the atmospheric pressure which is now larger than pressure above the roof. Once the roof is lifted up, it is blown off with the wind along its direction.

Why an umbrella can be blown inside out by strong winds?

The ribs of an umbrella must be flexible and the joints quite solid to allow the umbrella to flip back in case of strong gusts of wind, instead of it fully breaking. That is why umbrellas that can flip inside out are good quality, strong, aerodynamic and innovative umbrellas.

Why do umbrellas break?

Umbrellas break not only because they have to fight Mother Nature at her angriest, but also simply because of their design. There are about 150 different parts that make up an umbrella, each with the potential to snap, become inverted, fall off, or otherwise succumb to stress.