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When a sodium compound X which is also used in soda-acid fire?

Sodium bicarbonate is a chemical compound that is used in both fire extinguishers and antacids. Sodium bicarbonate, commonly known as baking soda, is a chemical compound with the formula . It is a salt made of a sodium cation and a bicarbonate anion.

When a sodium compound X which is also used in soda fire extinguisher is heated gives a sodium compound Y along with water and carbondioxide Y on crystallisation forms Compound Z identify X Y and Z?

Answer. the compound Y is Na2CO3(sodium carbonate).

Which compound is used in fire extinguisher?

Carbon dioxide (CO2)

Which of the following compound is used in soda-acid fire extinguisher?

Soda-acid fire extinguishers comprises of sodium bicarbonate and sulphuric acid. It is the most efficient house-hold fire extinguisher. It consists of a strong iron vessel with a side discharge nozzle. The iron vessel is filled with a sodium bicarbonate solution.

Which compound of sodium is used in fire extinguisher?

Sodium bicarbonate

Why NaHCO3 is used in soda acid fire extinguisher?

Answer. When the fire extinguisher is operated by pressing the knob on it, the sulphuric acid gets mixed with sodium bicarbonate solution producing a lot of carbon dioxide gas. Carbon dioxide gas is neither combustible nor helps combustion. Hence, sodium bicarbonate is used in fire extinguishers.

Is Naoh used in fire extinguisher?

Sodium hydrogen carbonate is used in fire extinguisher.

Is na2co3 used in fire extinguisher?

NaHCO3 is used as fire extinguisher.

Why CO2 is used in fire extinguisher?

Carbon dioxide extinguishes work by displacing oxygen, or taking away the oxygen element of the fire triangle. The carbon dioxide is also very cold as it comes out of the extinguisher, so it cools the fuel as well.

What is a Class K fire extinguisher?

A Class K fire extinguisher is used on fires involving cooking media (fats, grease, and oils) in commercial cooking sites such as restaurants. These fire extinguishers work on the principle of saponification. These extinguishers are identified by the letter K

What color is a Class K fire extinguisher?

These extinguishers should be identified by a star containing the letter “D”, if color- coded, the star is yellow. 2.2. 5 CLASS “K” –These are fires in cooking appliances that involve combustible cooking media such as vegetable or animal oils and fats.

Where should a fire extinguisher be placed in a kitchen?

Do not store the extinguisher near a stove or oven. Keep it near a door near the kitchen. This should keep it away from danger areas while also making it easily accessible

What is the best fire extinguisher for home use?

Top fire extinguishers of 2021

  • Amerex B402. : Best for reliability.
  • First Alert Standard Home Fire Extinguisher. : Best for budget.
  • The Fireman Fire Extinguishing Spray. : Best for convenience.
  • First Alert Tundra Spray. : Portable pick.
  • Kidde ABC Multipurpose Fire Extinguisher. : Disposable pick.

What kind of fire extinguisher is used for pool chemicals?

Pool chemicals are typically stored in pool equipment rooms. The only fire extinguisher that is allowed in areas containing oxidizers, such as pool chemicals, is a water-type fire extinguisher. Multipurpose dry chemical fire extinguishers shall not be installed in areas containing oxidizers

Which is the best fire extinguisher Why is it considered the best?

The carbon dioxide considered the best fire extinguisher to put off fires caused by burning of inflammable liquids such as petrol or oil because carbon dioxide stops the influence of oxygen because it decreases the oxygen present in that fire which leads to the fallout of fire.