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Whats bigger 270 or 30-06?

Whats bigger 270 or 30-06?

270 over normal game ranges. With its heavier 165 or 180-grain bullets of larger diameter the . 30-06 definitely hits harder. 30-06 is better for elk, and certainly better for moose and bear.

Is 270 ammo expensive?

270 will cost you about $20.49. 20 rounds of Federal Sierra GameKing BTSP 150 grains for the . 270, on the other hand, will cost you $30.99, while a case of Winchester Super-X 180 grains will set you back by $21.99. The price varies according to the brand, the weight of the bullet and a lot of other factors.

Is the 270 win a good round?

270 Win. is a great choice for almost all deer hunting and extremely useful elsewhere. No, we don’t shoot big bears or buffaloes with the . 270, but on game up to elk, bullet performance is awesome, recoil is pleasant and the . 270 shoots flat enough to simplify most shots.

Is the 270 outdated?

It’s not obsolete. It’s a decent round. I never used it because of 7mm magnum, 25-06, 300 magnum all of which I had first and I can also get at walmart if I run out of handloads.

How far can you shoot with a 270?

The cartridge demonstrated high performance at the time of its introduction and was marketed as being suitable for big game shooting in the 270 to 460 metres (300 to 500 yd) range, when that was considered long range hunting. With modern bullets and optics, it is easily a 1,000 yard cartridge.

What distance should I Zero 270?

270 bullet 0.4 inches low at 25 yards, 1.41 inches high at 100 yards, 2.51 inches low at 250 yards and finally slips below the 6 inch vital zone at 257 yards.

How many inches does a 270 drop at 1000 yards?

To beat that a 270 with a 130 grain bullet @3200 fps would drop 284″ at 1000 yards. The best 270 with 150 grain bullets I can find would drop around 330″ at 1000 yards.

How far will a 270 win kill a deer?

Regarding a deer sized animal with a . 270 Win, the max-range depends on if you prescribe to the 1,000 pounds or to the 1,200 pounds remaining energy need for a clean kill. If you say 1,200 pounds energy, you’re good to 450 yards.

Can a 270 shoot 1000 yards?

270 is a great caliber with the potential for excellent ballistics. HSM loads a 130 Berger VLD. This bullet is very good for long range is available at Cabela’s. That coupled with a faster muzzle velocity and you will be rocking 1000 yards.

How much does a 270 drop at 200 yards?

Hornady Spire Point with a muzzle velocity of 2,900 fps will drop 3.4 inches at 200 yards, 12.5 inches at 300 yards and 28.5 yards at 400 yards. Even at that range, it expends 1,222 foot-pounds of energy on its target, more than enough to cleanly kill an Arkansas whitetail.

Can I deer hunt with a 270 win?

270 Winchester one of the most popular big-game hunting cartridges of all time. He cemented its merit far and wide by using it to stack up big-game animals around the globe—including untold numbers of North American deer. For hunters who exclusively pursue deer, the . 270 Winchester is tough to beat.

What is the best 270 ammo for deer?

Top 5 270 Ammo

  • Remington Core-Lokt Ammunition 270 Winchester 130 Grain Core-Lokt Pointed Soft Point Box of 20.
  • Hornady Precision Hunter Ammunition 270 Winchester 145 Grain ELD-X Box of 20.
  • Barnes VOR-TX Ammunition 270 Winchester 130 Grain TTSX Polymer Tipped Spitzer Boat Tail Lead-Free Box of 20.

Will a 270 kill a bear?

There’s really not enough difference in trajectory between the 130 and 150 grain in the 270 to make a whole lot of difference. Either one will kill a bear. But I would favor the 150 as long as it shoots as accurately in your rifle as the lighter bullet.

Can a 270 kill an elk?

270 Winchester will kill an elk with a perfect broadside shot.

Is a 270 win big enough for elk?

The good old .270, especially when mated with the tough, deep-penetrating, weight-retaining bullets we have today, is not a “big gun” on elk, but is adequate for any elk that walks, with careful shot placement.

What is the longest shot with a 270?

356 yards

What is the difference between a 270 and a 243 rifle?

270 Win rounds are producing a much greater amount of recoil energy than the . 243 Win, on average. With a little over 8ft. lbs of recoil energy, you will definitely be able to tell a difference when shooting these two cartridges….Average Recoil (

.243 Winchester .270 Winchester
11.25 19.56

How far can a Remington 700 .270 shoot?

400 yards

What is a 270 caliber good for?

270 Winchester always has been, and always will be, one of the best deer cartridges ever made. The 130-, 140- and 150-grain bullets shoot flat, and will handle any deer that has ever walked, whether whitetail, blacktail, mule deer or Coues deer.

What can a 270 kill?

270. It shoots flat out to 300 yards, which makes it a point and shoot rifle caliber for the vast majority of shots on big game. You can take the same . 270 you use for whitetails in Wisconsin for caribou bulls and big black bears in Alaska, or on combo western hunts for pronghorn antelope, mule deer, and elk.

How far is a Remington 700 accurate to?

Registered. Well, the round itself can effectively go out to 1000+ yards. The rifle and shooter determine how accurate it is on the way out there.

Can a 270 win kill a black bear?

Black bear is CXP2 class game. A good controlled expansion . 270 bullet will be perfectly fine. The standard soft points will not get as good penetration as the more expensive controlled expansion bullets, but every kill is different and they might work fine too.

What is a 270 good for hunting?

How hard does a 270 kick?

270 Winchester with a 140-grain bullet traveling at 3,000 fps generates 17.1 pounds of recoil using an 8-pound rifle. That’s a 4.5-pound increase in recoil, or roughly 36 percent, with a gain of only 140 fps. A deer will never know the difference, but the hunter probably will.