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What would I weigh on mercury calculator?

This calculator calculates the weight on Mercury from the weight of the object on earth. Being that it takes the weight of an object on earth and converts it to the weight on Mercury, the formula is Weight on Mercury= (Weight on Earth/9.81m/s2) * 3.7m/s2.

Did John Glenn really ask for Katherine Goble?

Unlike the movie, Glenn didn’t expound on the request by adding Katherine’s name — whether because he didn’t know it, didn’t remember it, or didn’t need to — but it was obvious to everyone who he meant.

Can a human go to Mercury?

No, Mercury has been visited by spacecraft from Earth, but no human has ever gone into orbit around Mercury, let alone stepped on the surface. However, the temperatures on Mercury are much greater. During the daytime, the surface of Mercury at the equator rises to 700 Kelvin (427 degrees C).

How long is a year in mercury?

88 days

Does Mercury have night?

One Mercury solar day (one full day-night cycle) equals 176 Earth days—just over two years on Mercury. Mercury’s axis of rotation is tilted just 2 degrees with respect to the plane of its orbit around the Sun.

What are 5 interesting facts about mercury?

It’s not known who discovered Mercury.

  • A year on Mercury is just 88 days long.
  • Mercury is the smallest planet in the Solar System.
  • Mercury is the second densest planet.
  • Mercury has wrinkles.
  • Mercury has a molten core.
  • Mercury is only the second hottest planet.
  • Mercury is the most cratered planet in the Solar System.

Why is Mercury so cold at night?

On its dark side, Mercury gets very cold because it has almost no atmosphere to hold in heat and keep the surface warm. The temperature can drop down to minus 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Sunlight never reaches into the bottoms of some craters near Mercury’s poles.

Why is there no life on Mercury?

Tough Place to Live No evidence for life has been found on Mercury. Daytime Temperatures can reach 430 degrees Celsius (800 degrees Fahrenheit) and drop to -180 degrees Celsius (-290 degrees Fahrenheit) at night. It is unlikely life (as we know it) could survive on this planet.

How would you survive on Mercury?

Mercury can’t support life on it because it has no oxygen, no water, no air, the temperature is extremely hot and plants can’t grow on its surface so food can’t be grown. And without this people can’t live. Scientists do not believe there has ever been life on Mercury. The atmosphere on Mercury is almost non-existant.

Does Mercury have snow?

No, not that kind of snow, but scientists say deep inside the planet Mercury, iron “snow†forms and falls toward the center of the planet, much like snowflakes form in Earth’s atmosphere and fall to the ground.

Can you breathe the air on mercury?

Mercury makes a complete orbit around the Sun (a year in Mercury time) in just 88 Earth days. Mercury has a solid, cratered surface, much like the Earth’s moon. Can’t Breathe It – Mercury’s thin atmosphere, or exosphere, is composed mostly of oxygen (O2), sodium (Na), hydrogen (H2), helium (He), and potassium (K).

Has anything landed on Mercury?

The exploration of Mercury has a minor role in the space interests of the world. It is the least explored inner planet. As of 2015, the Mariner 10 and MESSENGER missions have been the only missions that have made close observations of Mercury.

What would happen if you fell into Mercury?

Prolonged exposure to liquid mercury would lead to it getting absorbed by your skin. And once that happens, the mercury would make its way to your organs, and then your brain. This is where mercury poisoning would come in. That’s because just inhaling the liquid mercury fumes would lead to you getting poisoned by it.

What is the 2nd heaviest planet?