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What makes a good lab partner?

A good lab partner helps a partner achieve his goals without jeopardizing his own. Offer to do only the work you know you can accomplish. Your lab partner will appreciate it if you are able to do more than you plan, but he/she will definitely be aggravated if you fail to accomplish what you promised to do.

What do you need in a science lab?

Basic lab equipment includes, but is not limited to: safety goggles, fire extinguisher, gloves, petri dishes, flasks and beakers, alcohol burner, pipets, funnels, thermometer, tongs, and chemical spoons. Most cities will have a lab equipment store, particularly if there is a university nearby.

Is working in a lab dangerous?

Laboratories can be very dangerous places to work in because of the use of potentially hazardous substances and exposure to physical harm. Additionally, many of those who work in labs are doing so alone on off hours, heightening their risk.

What disinfectant kills TB?

Chlorine bleach is often used to disinfect TB cultures and clinical samples, but bleach is toxic and corrosive. Other effective commercial disinfectants can be too expensive for TB labs in the resource-poor countries where the majority of TB occurs.

What is a high-level disinfectant?

High-level Disinfection (HLD) – the process of complete elimination of all. microorganisms in or on a device, except for small numbers of bacterial spores.

How do you prepare a high-level disinfectant?

Methods of high-level disinfection (HLD)

  1. 0.1% Chlorine solution: If boiled water is used to make the solution, 0.1% chlorine may be used for HLD.
  2. 6% Hydrogen peroxide solution:It can be prepared by adding one part of a 30% solution to four parts of boiled water; the contact time is 30 minutes.

Is hydrogen peroxide a high-level disinfectant?

A new, rapid-acting 13.4% hydrogen peroxide formulation (that is not yet FDA-cleared) has demonstrated sporicidal, mycobactericidal, fungicidal, and virucidal efficacy. Manufacturer data demonstrate that this solution sterilizes in 30 minutes and provides high-level disinfection in 5 minutes669.