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What liquid can start a fire?

There’s likely a long list of flammable liquids in your home. Besides gasoline and lighter fluid, things like rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover, hand sanitizer and wart remover can easily catch fire.

What are Category 1/2 and 3 flammable liquids?

Category 1 shall include liquids having flashpoints below 73.4 °F (23 °C) and having a boiling point at or below 95 °F (35 °C). 2. Category 2 shall include liquids having flashpoints below 73.4 °F (23 °C) and having a boiling point above 95 °F (35 °C). 3.

What are some highly flammable substances?

Examples of highly flammable chemicals used in the lab

  • Benzene. Benzene is also an organic chemical compound.
  • Ethanol. Ethanol is a flammable liquid also known as alcohol, ethyl alcohol or drinking alcohol.
  • Methanol. Methanol is a flammable chemical also referred to as “wood alcohol”.
  • Pentane.
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Why does corn explode?

Corn explodes because of the water vapor pressure inside it finally exceeds the level that the hard and mostly moisture-impervious hull can take, causing it to rupture violently.

Is there a equalizer 3 coming out?

Director Antoine Fuqua wants The Equalizer 3 to happen His response: “Yeah, absolutely.” To this day, we’re still waiting on any official word from the studio, but Fuqua offered a reason to have hope in that 2018 interview. “Sony has brought it up and talked about it,” he revealed.

What happened to Mr McCall’s wife in equalizer?

At their hotel, Susan is accosted in her room and killed; it is believed that she died during a robbery by two men who got off the elevator on her floor. When he receives the news, McCall begins to investigate both her death and the case she was working on.

Who is Denzel Washington in the equalizer?

In The Equalizer and The Equalizer 2, Washington played Robert McCall, a former special services commando who faked his own death, but who re-emerges in the first of these films with his special set of skills to save a young girl from a Russian gang.

Who is Vivian in the equalizer?

The Equalizer 2 (2018) – Enku Gubaie as Vivienne McCall – IMDb.

Does Ralphie die in the equalizer?

Ralphie goes to help McCall until he gets shot in the leg. McCall helps him escape until he’s left with Teddy after the explosion sets off the sprinklers. McCall gets a nail gun and shoots Teddy with it repeatedly until he gets him in the throat, killing him.

Was the equalizer filmed in a Home Depot?

In the film, Washington’s mysterious character Robert McCall works at this Home Depot (branded “Homemart” in the film) and the entire movie takes place in Boston, where it’s being shot thanks to the state’s film-friendly tax incentives. No doubling as another city required.

What is an equalizer?

An equalizer or “EQ” is a sound engineering tool that adjusts the output of different frequencies. For example, an EQ enables you to amplify low “bass” frequencies while not affecting sounds in the mid or high “treble” range.

Where is the diner in the equalizer?

More recent appearances also include the films, The Equalizer with Denzel Washington; 21 with Kevin Spacey; and The Blue Diner for PBS….This article’s tone or style may not reflect the encyclopedic tone used on Wikipedia.

South Street Diner
Street address 178 Kneeland St
City Boston
County Suffolk
State Massachusetts

What is the town in equalizer 2?


What city is equalizer set in?

Jersey City

Was equalizer 2 filmed during a hurricane?

July 18, 2018 at 10:33 am. Last November, Hollywood came to Brant Rock for the filming of “The Equalizer 2”, starring Denzel Washington. A car damaged from the storm sits in the middle of Ocean Street on the set of the Equalizer 2 on Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017.

Who is the bad guy in equalizer 2?

Pedro Pascal

What car is in equalizer 2?

BMW M550i

What did they do to the girl in equalizer 2?

McCall often interacts with some of his passengers while observing others. One night, he is told to take home a young woman named Amy (Caroline Day), who has been drugged and possibly raped. McCall takes her to the hospital and returns to the apartment of the guys who assaulted her.