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What is unique about the structure of the fatty acid stearic acid?

Stearic Acid is a saturated fatty acid. The structure of saturated and unsaturated chemical bonds looks like the diagram below. Most of the natural fatty acids have an even number of carbon atoms, because they are made up of acetate which has two carbon atoms.

How is stearic acid produced?

Stearic acid is a fatty acid typically produced by hydrolysis of common animal and vegetable fats and oils, followed by fractionation (distillation or crystallization) of the resulting fatty acids. Pressing methods separate the liquid unsaturated fatty acids from the solid saturated fatty acids.

Why is stearic acid used in supplements?

Stearic acid is commonly used as a binder in tablets (think of how you might use eggs as a binder to mix with flour during baking). It also has lubricant properties. Magnesium stearate is a lubricant, and the most common ingre- dient used in tablet formulations.

What are the benefits of stearic acid?

Stearic acid is used to manufacture products like emulsifiers, lubricants, ointments, lotions, emollients, and so on. Stearic acid effectively stabilizes, thickens and softens, helping to create a cooling sensation when the moisturizer or ointment is applied on the skin.

What is the purpose of magnesium stearate?

Magnesium stearate is the magnesium salt of the fatty acid, stearic acid (Fig. 1). It has been widely used for many decades in the food industry as an emulsifier, binder and thickener, as well as an anticaking, lubricant, release, and antifoaming agent.

What are the side effects of magnesium stearate?

Magnesium stearate is generally recognized as safe to consume. If you ingest too much, it can have a laxative effect. It can irritate the mucosal lining of your bowels. This causes your bowels to spasm, triggering a bowel movement or even diarrhea.

Is magnesium stearate bad for kidneys?

Magnesium supplements can cause excessive accumulation of magnesium in the blood, especially with patients who have chronic kidney disease. Accumulation of magnesium in the blood can cause muscle weakness, but does not damage the kidney directly.

How do you make magnesium stearate?

Manufacturing. Magnesium stearate is produced by the reaction of sodium stearate with magnesium salts or by treating magnesium oxide with stearic acid. Some nutritional supplements specify that the sodium stearate used in manufacturing magnesium stearate is produced from vegetable-derived stearic acid.

What is the source of magnesium stearate?

What are sources of magnesium stearate? Stearic acid is derived from animal sources or plant-based sources. Vegetarian sources of magnesium stearate include palm oil, coconut oil and vegetable oil. PURE LAB VITAMINS uses “plant based” as their source of magnesium stearate.

What is the chemical formula for magnesium stearate?


What are the top 5 best selling herbal supplements?

The top-10 selling herbal ingredients in the mainstream channel were:

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  • Black cohosh (Actaea racemosa)
  • Garcinia (Garcinia gummi-gutta)
  • Flax or flaxseed oil (Linum usitatissimum)

What are the best vitamins on the market?

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What is the best selling multivitamin?

Although private label multivitamins generated the highest level of sales in 2019, at around 315 million U.S. dollars; Bausch & Lomb Preservision and Centrum Silver are the top selling name brand multivitamins, with sales of 194.7 million U.S. dollars, and 164.5 million U.S. dollars, respectively.

Are Centrum vitamins any good?

With an Effectiveness Score of 4.6 on a 10 point scale, the Centrum multivitamin by Pfizer ranks number 56 out of the 103 multivitamins we have evaluated. Even though this multivitamin is affordable, we believe it does not provide good value for money.

What is the best Centrum vitamin?

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