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What is the value of tan inverse PI by 4?

What is the value of tan inverse PI by 4?

Trigonometry Examples The exact value of tan(π4) tan ( π 4 ) is 1 .

What is the value of Tan Pi by 4 Theta?


Is Tan Pi undefined?

Because tan(x) is defined as being equal to sin(x)/cos(x), and cos(π/2)=0. So tan(π/2)=1/0, which is undefined because of the division by zero.

Why is tan PI 2 Infinity?

pi/2 is a right angle. The side opposite the angle tends to 1. The side near the angle tends to 0. The tangent therefore tends to infinity.

Why is Pi 2 Infinity?

By definition tan is sin/cos and since the sin of pi/2 is 1 and the cos of pi/2 is 0 the tan of pi/2 is an undefined value, because you cannot divide anything by zero. On the other hand, the limit of x as it approaches tan(pi/2) from the left is infinity.

How do you find COT 45 degrees?

The exact value of cot(45°) cot ( 45 ° ) is 1 .

What is the cot of 30 degrees?

The exact value of cot(30°) cot ( 30 ° ) is √3 .

What is the cotangent of 30 degrees in radians?


What is the COT of 60?

The exact value of cot(60) is 1√3 .

What is the sin of 45 degrees as a fraction?

Sin 45° = /sqrt{2/4} = 1//sqrt{2}

Sine 0° 0
Sine 45° or Sine π/4 1//sqrt{2}
Sine 60°or Sine π/3 /sqrt{3}/2
Sine 90° or Sine π/2 1
Sine 120° or Sine 2π/3 /sqrt{3}/2

What is the sin of 90 in radians?

Sines and cosines for special common angles

Degrees Radians sine
90° π/2 1
60° π/3 √3 / 2
45° π/4 √2 / 2
30° π/6 1/2

What does sin 90 mean?

Sin 90 Value The three sides of a triangle are: Hypotenuse=-Longest side of a right-angle triangle. As our angle of interest is Sin 90. So accordingly, the Sin function of an angle or Sin 90 degrees will be equal to the ratio of the length of the opposite side to the length of the hypotenuse side.

What is sin at Pi?

In trigonometry, we use pi (π) for 180 degrees to represent the angle in radians. Hence, sin π is equal to sin 180 or sin π = 0.