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What is the unit of weight in India?

Current conversion standard

Indian System British / troy System Metric System
1 Tolä ≈ 0.375 t oz 11.664 g
1 Sèèr (80 Tolä) 2.5 t lb ≈ 2.057 lb ≈ 2 lb 1 oz 0.93310 kg
1 Maund (40 Sèèr) 100 troy lb 37.324 kg

What is the meaning of 1 ton?

It is also used informally to mean a large amount of something, material or not. In the United Kingdom, the (Imperial) ton is a statute measure, defined as 2,240 pounds (about 1,016 kg). In the United States and Canada, a ton is defined to be 2,000 pounds (907.18474 kg).

Who hit most sixes in T20?

Player Span 6s
MJ Guptill (NZ) 2009-2021 147
RG Sharma (INDIA) 2007-2021 133
EJG Morgan (ENG) 2009-2021 113
C Munro (NZ) 2012-2020 107

Who is the Sixer King?

Rohit Sharma

Who is Sixer King in T20?

Most Sixes in T20

# Player Runs
1 M J Guptill 2,939
2 R G Sharma 2,864
3 E J G Morgan 2,311
4 C Munro 1,724

Who scored first century in IPL?

Brendon McCullum

Who is the greatest finisher in IPL?

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  • Hardik Pandya 8/10. IPL career strike-rate: 156.67.
  • Kieron Pollard 8.5/10. IPL career strike-rate: 148.96.
  • MS Dhoni 8.5/10. IPL strike-rate: 136.64.
  • Andre Russell 9/10. IPL strike-rate: 179.67.
  • AB de Villiers 9.5/10.

Has there ever been a 36 runover?

Sarang Bhalerao revisits a few instances where more than 36 runs were scored off an over. This is neither a long telephone number nor an encrypted code. This is an over bowled by Bert Vance in a Shell Trophy match in Christchurch between Wellington and Canterbury in the year 1990.

Who is Mr IPL?

IPL 2021- CSK’s Suresh Raina’s IPL stats: Although Suresh Raina played for India before playing in the Indian Premier League, it is the T20 league that helped him reach new heights. HiSureshs exploits in the IPL for Chennai Super Kings helped him earn the title of “Mr IPL”.

Who scored 5000 runs in IPL?

RCB captain Virat Kohli (6041) has the most runs under his belt and is followed by Chennai Super Kings’ Suresh Raina who has 5472 runs to his credit….DC vs RCB: AB de Villiers becomes the 2nd overseas player to score 5000 runs in IPL.

No. of Innings taken to 5000 runs Batsman Name
135 David Warner
161 AB de Villiers

Who scored first 5000 runs in IPL?

Shikhar Dhawan