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What is the strongest intermolecular force in MgCl2?

(a) MgCl2 consists of Mg2+ and Cl- ions held together by ionic bonding forces;; PCl3 consists of polar molecules, so intermolecular dipole- dipole forces are present. The ionic bonding forces in MgCl2 are stronger than the dipole-dipole forces in PCl3..

Which interparticle force is the strongest?

hydrogen bonding

What type of intermolecular force is magnesium chloride?

(a) Mg2+ and Cl− are held together by ionic bonds while PCl3 is covalently bonded and the molecules are held together by dipole-dipole interactions. Ionic bonds are stronger than dipole interactions and so MgCl2 has the higher boiling point.

What is the strongest interparticle force in KR?

dispersion forces

Which of the following generally has the lowest boiling point?

Boiling points of alkanes increase as the number of carbon atom increase or molecular mass increase. Alkenes have high boiling point, so CH3CH2CH2CH3 has the lowest boiling point.

Which forces oppose the vaporization of each of the following substances a hexane?

(a) Hexane is non polar molecule. Hence; dispersion forces are present in the molecule. Thus; dispersion forces oppose vaporization of hexane.

What is the principal force that opposes vaporization?

London-dispersion forces

What can I add to water so it doesn’t freeze?

Find an old plastic drink bottle with lid (like a fizzy drink bottle) Fill it with water and a cup of salt. The added salt will stop the water from freezing inside the bottle.

Does putting a bottle of salt water keep water from freezing?

Saltwater has a lower freezing point than freshwater and tends to stay liquid even in the coldest weather. In fact a water to salt mixture of about 3:1 won’t freeze until around -5 Fahrenheit. That’s the cold! So a saltwater bottle can easily last all night in the single digits without freezing.