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What is the relationship between energy and nutrients in ecosystems?

Chemical nutrients and energy tend to flow in the same direction for most of an ecosystem. The big difference is that the chemical nutrients are ultimately recycled in the ecosystem while the energy is ultimately lost from the ecosystem to the universe at large. Energy in any ecosystem ultimately comes from the Sun.

How do nutrients and energy move through ecosystems quizlet?

How does energy and nutrients flow/cycle through ecosystems? Organisms capture energy, and transform it to biomass and/or heat. Ultimately, all is lost as heat, along the way, it may reside in energy rich compounds. Primary producers make biological tissues using inorganic molecules (own food).

Are humans a part of nature or separate?

Although humans are part of nature, human activity is often understood as a separate category from other natural phenomena.

What according to poet is nature of life?

Explanation: Thus the poet involves the earth as a living symbol to prove his point. When everything seems dead, the earth proves to be alive. Under apparent stillness, the nature remains at work and thus keeps the earth alive.

What can introspection and retrospection help us achieve?

Introspection leads to correction of past mistakes and better understanding of the “self” through a deep analysis. Retrospection and introspection together helps us achieve inner peace for which we all crave.

What can we learn from Earth keeping quiet?

The lesson that we can learn from Earth is that keeping still is not equable to inactivity, it refers to being open to the world, to listen to the silence of things which cannot speak but speak a lot more than human beings who talk dime a dozen.

How can earth teach us?

The earth teaches us that even in times of complete darkness / silence / inactivity , life will still spring up. After the dark and inactive months of winter , life manages to spring up. The Earth can teach us how silence and stillness are most productive.

What does the poem keeping quiet teach us?

The poem ‘Keeping Quiet’ emphasises the need for quiet introspection and creating a feeling of mutual understanding among human beings. It conveys to us the poet’s philosophy of an exotic moment of silence which will be an antidote to violence, hatred and war.

How can keeping quiet change our attitude to life?

How, according to Neruda, can keeping quiet change our attitude to life? Answer: Keeping quiet will help us to introspect on our destructive actions like waging wars or otherwise harming the environment. This will give us a better idea of the consequences of the actions, thus changing our attitude to life.

What is always alive when everything seems dead?

When everything seems dead, the earth still remains alive. The earth is never dead. The life on the earth goes on as usual under the apparent stillness.

How can we bring about a huge silence?

(a) The huge silence can be made if people could slow down for once and do nothing. (b) The silence is called ‘huge’ as it will remove all our tension and will give us the opportunity of self introspection.

What can introspection and retrospection help us achieve keeping quiet?

What does keeping quiet help us to achieve?

3. By keeping quiet and calm man will realise his follies and refrain from harmful destructive activities. It will also help in creating a feeling of natural understanding and introspection among human beings.

How is keeping still both physically and mentally beneficial for us?

Answer : This moment of stillness can provide us physical and mental rest, during which our mind will be at peace. We can analyse our actions and their consequences and avoid rash or thoughtless behaviour.

What will counting up to 12 and keeping still help us achieve?

Answer: When we count up to twelve and keep still, it will help us achieve a sense of togetherness. We will not be busy in the mundane activities of life, but on the contrary, in the silence of peace we will have time to introspect.

What is the significance of counting to 12?

The number twelve has a special significance because there are 12 digits in a clock and for twice the amount of time that makes up 12 hours,we keep on talking and engaging in some activity or the other. That moment when we hold our peace and keep still, not speak in any language would be an exotic moment.

What is the significance of counting to twelve?

In the poem “Keeping Quiet” The poet counts up to twelve because this span of time would enable everyone to calm down and be ready for the story. 12 is number of months in a calendar year and 12 may refer to midnight after which a new day begins so here it may be used to symbolize a new beginning.

What does the poet feel is needed to be at peace?

Q7- What is the essence or message of the poem ? Q8- What does the poet feel is needed to be at peace? Q9- According to the poet what creates barriers? Q10- Why does the poet ask people not to speak?…

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