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What is the plot in the circuit?

The Circuit by Francisco Jimenez is about a Mexican boy named Francisco and his family. They cross the border from Mexico to California for a better life as migrant workers. They pack up and move each season to find work only to endure hardships and the struggle of having to start over every few months.

What was the conflict in the circuit?

The main conflict is that the narrator wishes to go to school and fit in rather than work; it is resolved when he finds a kind teacher who helps him just before learning that his family must move again.

What is the exposition rising action climax?

The rising action of the story is all of the events that lead to the eventual climax, including character development and events that create suspense. The climax is the most exciting point of the story, and is a turning point for the plot or goals of the main character.

What is the theme of the story the circuit?

Change and Instability. The Circuit, a collection of autobiographical linked stories by Francisco Jiménez, follows the Jiménez family as they weather one big life change after another, starting with their move to California from Mexico in search of a better life.

What does the circuit mean?

the complete path of an electric current, including the generating apparatus, intervening resistors, or capacitors. any well-defined segment of a complete circuit.

How old is Panchito in the circuit?

Panchito, an eleven year old boy and the second oldest to a Mexican migrant family, is new to working with his father and brother in the fields. The story follows part of their “circuit” as they move to different parts of the state depending on the season.

Is Panchito a nickname for Francisco?

Panchito or Pancho, as well as Paco or Paquito, are nicknames for Francisco, which is also his fifth name.

What does Mr Lema do that causes Panchito to feel dizzy?

In “The Circuit,” what does Mr. Lema do that causes Panchito to feel dizzy? Mr. Lema asks Panchito to read from an English book.

What does Panchito do in the circuit?

Panchito, a young migrant worker, lives life with his family on the circuit—a cycle of seasonal crop harvesting. Each move on the circuit is signaled by the appearance of cardboard boxes, which hold all the family’s possessions. As the circuit takes the family to Fresno, Panchito has the opportunity to attend school.

What does Mr Lema do for Francisco?

Mr. Lema is Francisco’s sixth-grade teacher when Francisco briefly attends a school in Fresno, California. Mr. Lema makes a big impact on Francisco’s life since he is very friendly and welcoming, and he helps Francisco with his English during their lunch breaks every day.

What event causes Panchito to hide during recess and read to himself?

What event causes Panchito to hide during recess and read to himself? He did not read during class and was angry with himself. His brother wanted him to learn a story and tell it to him later.

When he is told to read in class what does Panchito realize?

In the statement “When he is told to read in class, what does panchito realize…” Panchito has to read in class but he couldn’t read appropriately because he had not practiced enough. Then, Panchito discovered some unfamiliar words in the text. As a result, Panchito felt disturbed when he was trying to read aloud.

Why are Panchitos little brothers and sisters really glad to see him?

Panchito is the nickname of the character Fransisco from the short story Circuit. Panchito is boy from migrant Mexican family in USA. Panchito’s little brothers and sisters are very glad to see him because they are excited to be moving on.

What is the one sure and constant thing in Panchito’s family life?

The officials have found out that Roberto does not go to school. What is the one sure and constant thing in Panchito’s life? Panchito and his brother have to hide from a school bus. Panchito goes to work in the fields with his father and brother.

Why won’t Panchito play the trumpet?

Why won’t Panchito learn to play the trumpet? Panchito will not learn to play the trumpet because they have to move again.

Why did Panchito move?

Workers that move from field to field picking crops. Panchito and his family traveled through out California to pick Strawberries, Cotton, grapes and Lettuce. Panchito and his family would travel from Santa Maria to Fresno to Corcoran to pick the different crops at different times during the year.

Why does Panchito not want to move to Fresno?

Panchito dislikes constantly moving from place to place because it keeps him from going to school for any length of time. He is always the new kid in school and never has time to learn or take part in new activities.

How does the circuit by Francisco Jimenez end?

By the end of the book, Francisco and his family move back to Francisco’s favorite city, Santa Maria. He’s doing great in school—you might even say Francisco’s kicking butt. So since everything is going so well, you just know it’s all about to come crashing down.

What is the resolution in the circuit by Francisco Jimenez?

The resolution is when everything is fixed/THE END-Panchito was still a little mad but he got over it,he understood that his sister is more important than two old pennies.

Who is Panchitos bestfriend?

Answer: Mr Lema who is his English teacher and also his only friend.