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What is the message of the story of the mats by Francisco arcellana?

What is the message of the story of the mats by Francisco arcellana?

The story entitled “The Mats” was written by Francisco Arcellana, one of the meritorious literary Filipino artists. The story depicts a typical Filipino family culture. It portrays close family relationship, respect for the elders, and remembering our loved ones who passed away.

What is the climax of the story the mats by Francisco arcellana?

c. Climax The highest part of the story is wherein they all get the mats butthere are 3 remaining mats that must be unfolded. And Mr. Angelesunfold it one by one and he speaks in a loud voice that he offers this simple mats to his 3 dead siblings which are Josefina, Victoria, and Concepcion d.

What is the conflict of the story the mats?

Answer Expert Verified. The type of conflict presented in the story entitled The Mats by Francisco Arcillana is man versus himself. The conflict starts when during the distribution of mats to his children Mr. Angeles had still three mats unopened that are intended to his deceased children.

What is the plot in the story of the mats?

The Mats by Francisco Arcellana. The Mats is a story of a family who had longed for their father’s homecoming. In his home coming he brought with him surprise gifts for everyone. The surprise gifts were mats specially designed for each member of the family.

What presents did Mr Angeles bring home for the family of the mats?

Answer Expert Verified The large amount of fruit, Mr. Angeles brings home sleeping mats as presents for his family. The sleeping mats were created by an artist and had the name each child that the mat belonged to.

Who are the characters in the story the mats?

  • Answer: Characters:
  • Mr. Angeles. Head of the family, Husband of Nana Emilia, Worker.
  • Nana Emilia. Mother, Wife of Mr. Angeles.
  • Marcelina. Oldest child, pianist.
  • Jose. Eldest son, Second child, Medical Student.
  • Antonio. Third Child.
  • Susanna. Fifth child.
  • Alfonso. Youngest boy. Other children: Antonia. Juan. Jesus. Josefina.

Where when what was the setting of the mats?

Place:Nana Emilia’s Houseb. Time: The time setting for the action is in the afternoon. This storyhappened somewhat between 1950’s up to the present time.

What does Mr Angeles do in the South?

he is there for the periodic inspection trip.

What do you think is the occupation of Mr Angeles?

5. What do you think is Jaime Angeles’ job/profession? According to beginning of the story Mr. Angeles or Jaime was from his periodic inspection trips, I research the periodic inspection are electricians, so for me he is an Electrician.

What do purple and gold symbolize why are these Colours used to describe Mr Angeles mat?

The husband/father got himself an austere, meaning simple, mat but of purple and gold, which we think these colors symbolize superiority and/or royalty as fathers are metaphorically referred to as “king of the castle”. The father, Mr. Angeles, replied “Yes, Emilia, there are three more mats to unfold.

What is the name of the wife of Mr Angeles?

Angeles (Jaime) – the head of Angeles family Emilia (Miling) – wife of Mr. Angeles Marcelina , Jose , Antonio, Juan , Jesus , Susanna , and Alfonso – children of Mr.

Who is the writer of the mats?

Francisco Arcellana

Who are the main characters in the story?

Protagonist: The main character of the story is the protagonist. They should be carefully crafted with a logical backstory, personal motivation, and a character arc over the course of the story. Often the story will be told from their point of view.

Can a story have two main characters?

Very few stories have multiple Main Characters within a single story. Usually, when there is more than one Main Character, there is more than one story going on. For example, the “player” Luke in Star Wars is both the Protagonist and the Main Character.

Can a story have two protagonists?

Just because a story has multiple POVs doesn’t necessarily mean there are multiple protagonists. However, you cannot have multiple protagonists without having multiple POVs because, as readers, we need to experience every storyline and character arc for a main character.