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What is the meaning of pH indicator?

pH indicators are weak acids that exist as natural dyes and indicate the concentration of H+ (H3O+) ions in a solution via color change. A pH value is determined from the negative logarithm of this concentration and is used to indicate the acidic, basic, or neutral character of the substance you are testing.

What is a pH indicator called?

Acid – Base indicators (also known as pH indicators) are substances which change colour with pH. They are usually weak acids or bases, which when dissolved in water dissociate slightly and form ions. Phenolphthalein is a colourless, weak acid which dissociates in water forming pink anions.

What makes a good indicator?

An indicator is a specific, observable and measurable characteristic that can be used to show changes or progress a programme is making toward achieving a specific outcome. There should be at least one indicator for each outcome. The indicator should be focused, clear and specific.

How do you trade a 15-minute chart?

TRADING THE 15-MINUTE CHARTS You will have to setup: VWAP (learn it here) (Primary indicator) EMA Cross (5 period/12 period – disregard this config) REVISED ON 27-6-18 TO (5 period/8 period) Directional Movement Index (Primary and very IMPORTANT Indicator) – SET IT TO 9 PERIODS.

What software do professional day traders use?

Online Broker: Lightspeed Financial Broker For active day traders we need a few things, hot keys, direct access routing and fast executions. For these reasons I use Lightspeed and consider them the best broker and one of the best tools for any trader.

Can I day trade with less than 25k?

If you do not have $25,000 in your brokerage account prior to any day-trading activities, you will not be permitted to day trade. The money must be in your account before you do any day trades and you must maintain a minimum balance of $25,000 in your brokerage account at all times while day trading.

How much RAM do I need for day trading?

8 GB

Which laptop is best for trading?

7 Best Laptops For Stock Trading: Buyer’s Guide

  1. Acer Aspire E 15(8th Gen) Advertisement.
  2. Apple 13″ MacBook Pro. Moving on to the heavyweights, the Apple 13″ MacBook Pro is a champ when it comes to online trading.
  3. ASUS VivoBook F510UA.
  4. Razer Blade Stealth.
  5. Lenovo Y700.
  6. ASUS ZenBook UX330UA.
  7. Dell XPS 15.

Can you day trade on a laptop?

A computer uses RAM (random access memory) to hold data it’s currently processing. A day trading laptop has to process a lot of data in real time, so having plenty of RAM aids in fast performance without creating frustrating lags. A laptop with 16GB or more of RAM should provide outstanding performance for day trading.

Which laptop is good for trading?

  • Apple 13″ MacBook Pro (Best laptop for trading)
  • RAZER Blade Stealth 13.3 Inch FHD 1080P Gaming Laptop (Second best laptop for trading)
  • New Apple MacBook Air (Best lightweight laptop for trading)
  • Dell XPS (Best 4k display laptop for trading)
  • ASUS ZenBook S13 (Best Build quality laptop for trading)