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What is the Km of the enzyme for the substrate A?

For practical purposes, Km is the concentration of substrate which permits the enzyme to achieve half Vmax. An enzyme with a high Km has a low affinity for its substrate, and requires a greater concentration of substrate to achieve Vmax.”

How does the amount of substrate affect enzyme activity?

Substrate concentration: Increasing substrate concentration also increases the rate of reaction to a certain point. Once all of the enzymes have bound, any substrate increase will have no effect on the rate of reaction, as the available enzymes will be saturated and working at their maximum rate.

How does the total enzyme concentration affect turnover number and Vmax?

How does the total enzyme concentration affect turnover number and Vmax? The turnover number, kcat, is the number of substrate molecules converted to product in a giventime by a single enzyme molecule, so turnover number is not affected by the total enzyme concentration, [Et].

Which of the following is a function of enzymes?

What is the function of an enzyme? They allow chemical reactions to occur at normal body temperature fast enough to sustain life. They reduce the activation energy needed to start a chemical reaction. The reason is that each enzyme has an active site that holds the substrate in an enzyme substrate complex for reaction.

What are the main characteristics of an enzyme active site?

The Active Site An enzyme has a three-dimensional shape, so — not surprisingly — its active site also has a 3D shape. Each enzyme only binds certain substrates because each substrate molecule has a certain shape. Each active site has certain amino acids that play key roles in manipulating a substrate.

What are the components of active site?

In biology, the active site is region of an enzyme where substrate molecules bind and undergo a chemical reaction. The active site consists of amino acid residues that form temporary bonds with the substrate (binding site) and residues that catalyse a reaction of that substrate (catalytic site).