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What is the Iupac name for the following carboxylic acid?

What is the Iupac name for the following carboxylic acid?

Nomenclature of Carboxylic Acids

Formula Common Name IUPAC Name
CH3CH2CO2H propionic acid propanoic acid
CH3(CH2)2CO2H butyric acid butanoic acid
CH3(CH2)3CO2H valeric acid pentanoic acid
CH3(CH2)4CO2H caproic acid hexanoic acid

How do we name carboxylic acids?

In general, carboxylic acids are named based on the number of carbons in the longest continuous chain, including the carboxyl group (-COOH). The suffix of this carbon chain is then replaced, as carboxylic acids always end in “-oic acid.” An example is CH2O2, in which the longest continuous carbon chain is a methane.

What is the name of the compound COOH?


What is the ending for naming a carboxylic acid?

The tart flavor of sour-tasting foods is often caused by the presence of carboxylic acids. Select the longest carbon chain containing the carboxyl group. The -e ending of the parent alkane name is replaced by the suffix -oic acid. The carboxyl carbon is always numbered “1” but the number is not included in the name.

What are the properties of carboxylic acids?

Carboxylic acids have high boiling points compared to other substances of comparable molar mass. Boiling points increase with molar mass. Carboxylic acids having one to four carbon atoms are completely miscible with water. Solubility decreases with molar mass..

What are the uses of carboxylic acids?

Carboxylic acids and their derivatives are used in the production of polymers, biopolymers, coatings, adhesives, and pharmaceutical drugs. They also can be used as solvents, food additives, antimicrobials, and flavorings.

What are weak acids?

Weak Acids are the acids that do not completely dissociate into their constituent ions when dissolved in solutions. When dissolved in water, an equilibrium is established between the concentration of the weak acid and its constituent ions.

What acid is in beer?

Lactic Acid