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What is the instrument used to draw a straight line?

Straight lines can be drawn with the T-square, triangle, protractor, and architect’s ruler. Curved lines must be drawn with special instruments.

What is the instrument used for drawing?

Tools such as pens and pencils mark the drawing medium. Other tools such as straight edges, assist the operator in drawing straight lines. Various scales and the protractor are used to measure the lengths of lines and angles, allowing accurate scale drawing to be carried out.

Which tool is used to draw a straight line in MS Paint?

Click on the Oval tool To draw a straight line, keep the shift key pressed while you drag the mouse. To draw a square, just hold down the Shift key while you drag the mouse.

What is scale and dimensioning in drawing?

Scales  A scale is defined as the ratio of the linear dimensions of the object as represented in a drawing to the actual dimensions of the same. Some objects can be drawn to their actual size. The proportion by which the drawing of aan object is enlarged or reduced is called the scale of the drawing.

Is used to draw parallel lines?

We can draw parallel lines using set square and scale.

Which Caliper is used to draw parallel lines?

Odd leg calipers are used to draw lines parallel to an edge. They consist of one caliper leg and an leg with an adjustable scriber point. Odd leg calipers can also be used to lay out the center of round stock.

Which tool can be used to draw a 90 degree angle?


Which angle measures less than 90 degrees?

Acute angles

What angle is exactly 90 degrees?

Angles that are 90 degrees (θ = 90°) are right angles. Angles that are 180 degrees (θ = 180°) are known as straight angles.

What are three names for the angle?

There are three ways to name an angle–by its vertex, by the three points of the angle (the middle point must be the vertex), or by a letter or number written within the opening of the angle.

What is the symbol for right angle?

symbol ∟

What is the line symbol?

Geometric Symbol Interpretation
Line Segment
→ or ← Ray
|| Parallel