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What is the importance of forest essay?

Forest provides the most conducive environmental conditions, food and shelter to various kinds of animals, birds, insects and other microorganisms. The soil in the forest is so fertile that it becomes favorable habitat for small insects and microorganisms.

What is importance of forests?

The importance of forests cannot be underestimated. We depend on forests for our survival, from the air we breathe to the wood we use. Besides providing habitats for animals and livelihoods for humans, forests also offer watershed protection, prevent soil erosion and mitigate climate change.

How do you write a forest essay?

10 Lines on Essay on Forest

  1. Forests are the lungs of nature that provide oxygen for us to breathe, survive and maintain a healthy ecosystem.
  2. Forests have been a source of livelihood for millions of plants and animals on the planet.
  3. Forests provide food, fuel, and raw materials for human beings to use and prosper.

What is a forest essay?

Forests are an intricate ecosystem on earth which contains trees, shrubs, grasses and more. The constituents of forests which are trees and plants form a major part of the forests. Furthermore, they create a healthy environment so that various species of animals can breed and live there happily.

What are the 10 uses of forest?

What are the uses of Forest?

  • Fuelwood- Wood is an important energy source for cooking and heating for the rural population.
  • Fencing-
  • Soil erosion check-
  • Bamboo-
  • Medicinal use-
  • Fibre-
  • Essential oils-
  • Timber-

How can we improve our vocabulary?

7 Ways to Improve Your Vocabulary

  1. Develop a reading habit. Vocabulary building is easiest when you encounter words in context.
  2. Use the dictionary and thesaurus.
  3. Play word games.
  4. Use flashcards.
  5. Subscribe to “word of the day” feeds.
  6. Use mnemonics.
  7. Practice using new words in conversation.

What is important in essay writing?

In order for the reader to be convinced or adequately informed, the essay must include several important components to make it flow in a logical way. The main parts (or sections) to an essay are the intro, body, and conclusion.