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What is the central idea of silent dancing?

What is the central idea of silent dancing?

The central theme in the book is the traditional Puerto Rican “script of our lives,” which circumscribes “everyone in their places.” The narrator struggles with her family’s expectations for her to become a traditional Puerto Rican woman: domestic, married, and fertile.

How does the title Silent Dancing relate to the text?

Judith Ortiz Cofer’s Silent Dancing relates to the text in both a literal and a metaphorical sense. The literal meaning of it is a reference to a home video of people dancing she happens upon. Ortiz finds quiet ways to experience joy as the world seems to stifle her at every turn, creating a “silent dance” of her own.

Why does Cofer write a preface to her memoir?

Ortiz Cofer announces her intentions for the memoir in “Preface: Journey to a Summer’s Afternoon.” Using Virginia Woolf, the British novelist and essayist, as a guide, Ortiz Cofer wants to “trace . . . the origins of [her] creative imagination” because she believes that reclaiming memories can “provide a writer with …

In what country and location does Cofers story take place?

In her 1990 collection of autobiographical stories and poems, Silent Dancing: A Partial Remembrance of a Puerto Rican Childhood, Judith Ortiz Cofer writes about spending her youth going back and forth between Puerto Rico and New Jersey.

Why did Cofers grandmother want to have her own room?

After Cofer’s grandmother had her eighth child, she decided that this was the time that she needed to take back her life. She had spent so much time and energy raising children that she felt like she needed to stop having babies in order to enjoy them. Her grandmother asked her Papa to build another room.

How does Judith Ortiz Cofer feel about her heritage?

Not only does Cofer dislike some of the aspects of Puerto Rican culture, but she also begins to negate Puerto Rican cultural values even more when comparing them to American cultural values that she does like.

What are the two details from Judith?

The correct answer is C) the Green taffeta dress and the tie-dyed T-shirts and bell-bottom. The two details from Judith Ortiz Cofer’s “Gravity” that symbolizes the tension between Puerto Rican and American culture are the Green taffeta dress and the tie-dyed T-shirts and bell-bottoms.

Which situation is the best example of conflict in Judith?

Answer: The correct answer is: character struggles to get her parents to understand her.

What is the mother’s main internal conflict?

In Judith Ortiz cofer gravity, the mother main internal conflict is that she misses her home county .

What is Elenitas internal conflict?

​The answer is: A. She wants an independent identity, and yet still feels a connection others. In the story, Elenita had the desire to not conforming to the identity placement that other people expected of her and believe that she should be able to choose her own.

Which conflict in gravity is not reconciled by the end of the story?

answer: the sense of inferiority elenita’s.

What internal conflict does the external conflict in this passage suggest?

The internal conflict this passage implies is the one of domination and rebellion. The main character refuses to use angels for the decoration, but his or her mother forces him or her to see the angels by putting a picture of one of them in the middle of his or her way.

What is the father’s main internal conflict?

In the story the main conflict for the parents is the situation that the mother wants to go back to the country of Puerto Rico, whilst as the father would rather commit to stay in US, being the father’s internal conflict the interrogant of wether or not he would be able to support his family economically and the …

What are the main conflicts in the story gravity?

Sample response: The main external conflict is between Elenita and her parents about how she dresses. The main internal conflict is that Elenita isn’t totally sure of herself and her identity, so she acts out and rebels against her parents’ values.

Which event is an example of external conflict?

Example #1: Romeo and Juliet (By William Shakespeare) One classic example of character vs. society external conflict occurs in Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet. The two major characters fall in love, despite their belonging to the feuding families, which do not want them to be together.

Which situation is an example of internal conflict?

With internal conflicts, you might feel a clash between competing desires. For example, an alcoholic may struggle not to reach for the bottle of bourbon. That person knows they need to stop drinking, but the desire to drink is very strong, leading to an intense internal struggle.

What internal conflict does the external conflict in this passage suggest Papis reasons?

Answer Expert Verified In this passage from Judith Ortiz Cofer’s “Gravity”, the internal conflict that the external conflict suggests is C. Elenita’s father doesn’t want to return to Puerto Rico. Elenita’s mother is always talking about the family on the Island.

How does Elenita conflict with her mother?

How do Elenitas mother and father conflict?

In judith ortiz cofer’s “gravity,” how do elenita’s mother and father conflict? A. the mother wants to return to puerto rico, nut the father is committed to staying in the united states. the father wants to start his own business, but the mother urges him to play iy safe as a bartender.