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What is the best GSM for T shirt?

GSM: Fabric Quality Metric

Clothing Wear GSM
Plain T-shirt 180 GSM
Printed T-shirt 180 GSM
Premium Polos 240 GSM
Zipper Hoodies 320 GSM

What is the thickest paper?

32/80 lb text weight is a thicker paper that is used for wedding programs, menus, fine brochures, and more. A popular paper choice among the 80 lb text paper is the Stardream Metallic paperand envelopes. The shimmer paper is often used for wedding and special event programs.

How many sheets of A4 paper is 100g?

Re:Re:How many sheets of A4 paper in 100g? “16 sheets of 80 gsm A4 is 1 square metre and weighs 80g, or 5g per sheet, or 100g per 20 sheets.” You also need to watch the thickness if you want to stay within the small letter rate.

How do I choose an A4 paper?

If your office has a high printing volume per month, opt for A4 Paper brands that have more sheets per ream. Generally, most A4 paper brands contain 500 sheets per ream and some brands have 450 sheets in a ream. For companies that prints in large quantities, do choose brands that have 500 sheets per ream.

How big is a A4 paper in cm?

210 x 297 mm

What is photo luster paper?

The luster paper contains low levels of glare, but nowhere near the levels of glare that a glossy finish paper has, nor does it contain no glare such as in the case of matte photo paper. Hence it is often described as ‘semi-gloss’ finish.

How many types of photo paper are there?

At its core, however, you have just three basic types of paper: Glossy, Luster, or Matte. Instantly recognizable by its reflectivity and smooth appearance, a glossy finish is most commonly seen as the paper for photographs.

What is photo quality paper?

Gloss: One of the most common types of photo papers, Glossy papers are coated with a bright, shiny emulsion, giving inkjet prints rich depths of color and a bold, shiny sheen. Matte: Duller and more understated, matte photo papers are often coated as well, albeit coated to appear softer.

What is a good weight for photo paper?

200gsm to 300gsm

What kind of paper do professional photographers use?

Photo Rag is the company’s most popular paper for those wishing to reproduce both color and black-and-white photographs. It’s made of 100 percent cotton and has a smooth, matte texture. From the glossy category, its newest paper type is the FineArt Baryta Satin, which features a white, satin-gloss surface.