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What is the atomic number of cobalt 60?

Nuclide 59Co 60Co
Atomic Mass 58.933 59.934
Natural Abundance 100% 0%
Half Life Stable, non-radioactive 5.26 years

What is the mass defect of tritium?

The mass defect is equal to the actual mass of tritium less the mass of the one proton and two neutrons that comprise it. The binding energy is the energy equivalent of the mass defect.

What is the most expensive drug in the world?

Zolgensma remains the most expensive drug, with a one-time cost of $2.1 million.

What is the most expensive thing in the grocery store?

Fruits, nuts, vegetables and cheese are among the most expensive items in grocery stores. Americans spend between $165 and $345 on groceries each month, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which publishes a food plan each month that suggests how much people should be spending on food.

Are the groceries on Supermarket Sweep real?

According to an ABC press release, the grocery store where the series is filmed is a real one, built “from the ground up” for the purpose of entertainment. The shelves are stocked with real food and “big-ticket items” for competitors to toss in their carts.

How much have grocery prices increased?

“As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, grocery prices noticeably increased for consumers. Overall, there was a year-to-year increase of about 6%, which Americans felt in their wallets,” Diane McCrohan, associate professor in the College of Business at Johnson & Wales University, told TODAY Food.

Why does the price of food increase?

Potential spike in food prices after winter freeze raises concerns. Pandemic-related production roadblocks also are contributing to rising prices for food and oil. The combination of production bottlenecks and demand spikes have culminated in higher prices, especially for meat, he said.

Why do prices end with 99?

A lower first number at the start of a price (e.g. $3.99 vs. $4.00) has a huge psychological impact, even though the price is more or less the same. Endings in 99 increase sales of low value items, with the customer focusing on the lower digit on the left. Prices are a key product feature.

Will food prices continue to rise?

Food costs are expected to increase further in 2021. Food prices in 2020 increased by 3.9% from 2019, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Prices for the food-at-home category, where the buyer is the consumer, also climbed at the same 3.9% rate last year, the largest yearly rise since 2011.

Will meat prices rise?

In the monthly Food Price Outlook, the USDA forecast meat prices will rise 6.5% this year, more than double their usual rate. Beef and veal would cost, on average, 9% more this year than in 2019, before the pandemic.

How much do eggs cost in 2020?

Average retail price for eggs in Canada 2015-2020. The average retail price for one dozen, or 12, eggs in Canada was 3.59 Canadian dollars in June 2020. This price has remained relatively stable over the given time period, not rising above 3.6 or below 3.06 Canadian dollars.

Why is beef so expensive right now 2020?

Meat prices have been rising as major processing facilities shut down or slowed operations because workers have been getting sick with Covid-19. At the same time, demand for meat in grocery stores has spiked as consumers eat at home more. Beef was more expensive for consumers in May.

Why are beef prices so high 2020?

Wholesale and live cattle Grocery stores have sold more beef, in volume and value, compared to the year before due to restaurant shutdowns. It’s also likely that costs have increased between wholesale and retail levels due to compliance with corona virus restrictions and constraints in processing.