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What is the area of 16 meters?

A circle of radius = 2.546 or diameter = 5.093 or circumference = 16 meters has an area of: 2.037 × 10-5 square kilometers (km²)

What is the perimeter of a 16 cm square?

64 cm

Which rectangle has a perimeter of 16 units?

A rectangle’s perimeter is 16 units and its area is 11 square units.

What is the area of a shape if the perimeter is 16?

We find that r = P/(2π) so A = π(P/(2π))2 = P2/(4π). Any positive area less than this is also possible. So in this problem the largest area possible is (16 in.)2/(4π) = 64/π sq.

What is the least perimeter of a rectangle in Area 16 square cm?

Hence, the minimum perimeter is 16 in with equal sides of 4 in.

How do you find the area of a quadrangle?

If the diagonal and the length of the perpendiculars from the vertices are given, then the area of the quadrilateral is calculated as: Area of quadrilateral = (½) × diagonal length × sum of the length of the perpendiculars drawn from the remaining two vertices.

What is the area of the right triangle?

What Is the Formula for Finding the Area of a Right Triangle? The area of a right triangle of base b and height h is 1/2 × base × height (or) 1/2 × b × h.

How do you find the side of a right triangle given an angle and a side?

To solve a triangle with one side, you also need one of the non-right angled angles. If not, it is impossible: If you have the hypotenuse, multiply it by sin(θ) to get the length of the side opposite to the angle. Alternatively, multiply the hypotenuse by cos(θ) to get the side adjacent to the angle.

How do you find the missing angle of a right triangle?

Finding an Angle in a Right Angled Triangle

  1. Step 1: find the names of the two sides we know.
  2. Step 2: now use the first letters of those two sides (Opposite and Hypotenuse) and the phrase “SOHCAHTOA” to find which one of Sine, Cosine or Tangent to use:
  3. Step 3: Put our values into the Sine equation:
  4. Step 4: Now solve that equation!