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What is senku’s IQ?

Many fans have formed a connection between Nikola Tesla and Senku as they both have very similar eidetic memory capabilities. They are known to do complex mathematics and have very hard-to-estimate IQ’s. All of these factors alone give Senku an IQ over 180.

Is izaya a virgin?

Izaya has stated in the novels that he does not hold an attraction for any individual. Though, it is hinted in the novel that he may or may not have had something with Mikage in high school. Narita has been quoted saying that Izaya has normal sexual urges, although he may possibly be aromantic.

Is senku Ishigami asexual?

Stone is Asexual!

Does senku marry Ruri?

Senku immediately married Ruri, who blushed at his quick acceptance. She is shocked they divorced almost immediately afterward but her sister assures her its his way to discover her illness.

Who is senku’s bestfriend?

Following Hyoga’s defeat and Tsukasa entering cryosleep, Senku was able to get the remnants of the Empire of Might to merge with the Kingdom of Science where he leads the Five Wise Generals. Senku’s best friend, whom Senku refers to as a “big oaf” or “musclehead”.

Why did senku marry Ruri?

Is Senku Married? Ruri was born to the village chief in Ishigami Village. She is Kohaku’s older sister and serves as the priestess in the Village. … Senku married Ruri to cure her illness after winning the Village tournament.

Who is senku’s real dad?

Byakuya Ishigami

so ruri married her great great great great great great great great great great.. If you’ve read the Manga, they’re technically not related since Kohaku and Ruri trace back to Byakuya but Byakuya isn’t related by blood to Senku. …

Does senku love Dad?

Good feeling about doing certain things can stay with people because Senku loves ramen so much it somehow connects him with his father. Senku was actually blushing while looking at his father. That could mean he loved his real father at some point at least like child could love.

Will Dr Stone have a Season 2?

A second season of the anime adaptation was announced after the first season’s finale. The second season will focus on the story of the “Stone Wars” arc from the manga series. Officially titled as Dr. Stone: Stone Wars, the second season premiered on Janu.

Who is senku wife?

Kirisame. Kirisame petrified many of Senku’s allies on the Perseus. They meet when Kirisame caught Kohaku on the beach, though Gen made it look like Kohaku and Senku were a couple. Once she is petrified by Ibara, Senku revived her, stating she was manipulated.

How did senku survive Tsukasa?

In what is one of the more interesting parts of the series, the protagonist however survives, thanks to the petrication, which could be considered a blessing in disguise to humanity. To answer the question in short; Senku survived being killed by Tsukasa, due to the small petrified part on the back of his neck.

Does senku kill Tsukasa?

Tsukasa agreed to the idea and did not mind Senku killing him when he reminded Senku of when he killed him before. Soon when everyone was done creating the cryogenic freezer, Senku had one last conversation with Tsukasa and killed him.

Is senku smarter than light?

Light YAGAMI would definitely be a bit slower than senku if he was in the stone world suddenly. but we really can’t judge. But it does appear that senku is smarter because it involves a lot of science. But if light wanted to study science he would with ease even though he has no interest in science.

Did Light Yagami kill his dad?

Light yagami never killed his dad. His dad got severely got injured during the combat b/w the police force and the mafia gang. Later on when mello destroyed the hideout in which Mr. Yagami got injured.

How old is senku now?


Who has the highest IQ in anime?

Top 25 Smartest Genius Anime Characters (Ranked)

  • Sora and Shiro.
  • Nine and Twelve.
  • Kurisu Makise.
  • Norman.
  • Shougo Makishima.
  • Izaya Orihara.
  • Lelouch Lamperouge.
  • Light Yagami.

Is senku 3000 years old?

Senku may look like a teenage boy, but he’s actually been alive for over 3,700 years.

What does senku always say?

He is known for his catchphrases, one of which is “Ten Billion Percent”.

How can I be like senku?

This requires gaining PH. D level scientific principles, deductive,inductive, and abductive reasoning capabilities either innate in the psyche or learned. Senku is an innate Genius, his knowledge was largely learned through Scientific Theory and Experimentation until he perfected his own ability to go Further.

Why does senku look like Byakuya?

Thus explains how senku and byakuya looks so similar , they may have no direct blood relations but they are still from the same bloodline and mold. And byakuya is actually senkus uncle.

How many seconds did senku count?

000 seconds

Is it possible to be as smart as senku?

Short answer is no, mostly just based on memory limitations. … The longer answer is that it is possible to know enough science to understand everything Senku does even if you couldn’t reproduce it from memory.