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What is golden rain experiment?

Golden rain demonstration is made by combining two colorless solutions, potassium iodide solution and Lead(II) nitrate solution at room temperature to form yellow precipitate. The golden rain chemical reaction demonstrates the formation of a solid precipitate.

Why does lead nitrate and potassium iodide turn yellow?

Lead nitrate solution contains particles (called ions) of lead, potassium iodide contains particles (called ions) of iodide. When the solutions mix, the lead particles and iodide particles combine to form a new substance, lead iodide, which is a yellow solid.

What happens when we mix lead nitrate and potassium iodide?

When you add lead nitrate to potassium iodide, their particles combine and create two new compounds, a yellow solid called lead iodide and a white solid called potassium nitrate. Yellow clouds indicate that the chemical change has taken place.

What color is lead monoxide?


What Colour is stainless steel?

Coloring of stainless steel is not a new concept. Any color can be obtained but only the surface color is changed – the base metal is inherently silver.

Which ion is pink in Colour?

The transition metals form colored ions, complexes, and compounds in aqueous solution….Color of Transition Metal Ions in Aqueous Solution.

Transition Metal Ion Color
Co2+ pink
Cu2+ blue-green
Fe2+ olive green
Ni2+ bright green

Which ion is green in Colour?

Ion Color

ion color
Cr+3 green
Fe+2 orange red
Fe+3 yellow green
K+ colorless

What is the color of the ZnSO4 solution?