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What is Alpha Omicron Pi ritual?

What is Alpha Omicron Pi ritual?

Alpha Omicron Pi’s Initiation is a beautiful Ritual which reveals to the new members the true meanings and core values of our Fraternity. As with formal pledging, during initiation the collegiate chapter and the candidate (new member) exchange mutual promises.

What is the AOII pledge?

“The object of this Fraternity shall be to encourage a spirit of Fraternity and love among its members; to stand at all times for character, dignity, scholarship, and college loyalty; to strive for and support the best interests of the colleges and universities in which chapters are installed, and in no way to …

Why does AOII not have a crest?

AOII does not have a crest because we were founded on Greek, rather than medieval, ideals. In its place we use the image of a rose.

What are AOII colors?


What are the 4 pillars of AOII?

Created by alumnae, for alumnae, these topical challenges focus on four pillars of Alpha Omicron Pi – live, learn, lead and serve.

Who founded Alpha Omicron Pi?

Stella George Stern Perry

What kind of sorority is Alpha Omicron Pi?

AOII & The National Panhellenic Conference AOII is a proud member of the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC), an umbrella organization for 26 inter/national womens fraternities and sororities. Founded in 1902, AOII joined in 1905 as the 12th member organization to support collaboration and interfraternal friendships.

Why is Alpha Omicron Pi a fraternity and not a sorority?

Membership is offered to women regardless of ethnicity, religion or socio-economic background. The term sorority was not yet in widespread use at the time of Alpha Omicron Pi’s founding, and therefore it is officially a “fraternity for women.” The fraternity promotes the values of service, scholarship, and leadership.

Is AOPI a good sorority?

AOII’s reputation is the best on campus. They are known for being classy, involved and very inclusive. They have been ranked the third prettiest sorority in the southeast (and it shows). Hangs out with some of the best frats.

What is a women’s fraternity?

The female equivalent of a fraternity, in the sense of ‘a male student society in a university’, is a sorority.

What are the sororities known for?

Sororities are a major part of college life for many American college students. Sororities provide a home, activities, events, and a sense of community to young girls during their college years. They can provide young women with a great social circle as well as academic, leadership, and career opportunities.

What colleges have Alpha Omicron Pi?

Highest Rated Alpha Omicron Pi Chapters

  • Indiana University Bloomington. Indiana University Bloomington.
  • University of Alabama Birmingham. University of Alabama Birmingham.
  • Coe College. Coe College.
  • Montana State University.
  • University of Waterloo, Canada.
  • Boise State University.
  • McGill University, Canada.
  • Slippery Rock University.

What sorority has the most chapters?

Alpha Omicron Pi

What college was AOII founded?

Barnard College

What does Alam mean AOII?

ALAM stands for Alpha Love and Mine (sororities) Slang/chat, popular culture.

What is ASLF AOII?

Alpha Lambda’s sub-motto is ASLF: Always Sisters Loving Friends. Zimagirl00.

What does Alam stand for?


Acronym Definition
ALAM American Lung Association of Massachusetts
ALAM Association of Licensed Automobile Manufacturers (formed 1903)
ALAM Alpha Love and Mine (sororities)
ALAM Advanced Land Attack Missile (US Navy)

What is AOII flower?

Rosa ‘Général Jacqueminot’

Which AOII founder has a Phd?

Jessie Wallace Hughan

What is a way to get involved as an AOII alumnae?

Volunteer Locally Alumnae assistance is always welcomed for recruitment activities, involvement with chapter operations and events, and as mentors on the chapter’s Alumnae Advisory Committee (AAC). To get involved with your local collegiate chapter on an AAC, visit our chapter locator.

What is the purpose of AOII Council quizlet?

“AOII policies are in place to demonstrate care for and education of our members, create safer environments, and reduce risk at AOII events where alcohol is present.”

What is the purpose of the AOII Council?

The purpose of the AOII Council is: to be the legislative body of AOII, to meet at International Convention to conduct Fraternity business, and to meet at International Convention to elect the AOII Executive Board and the AOII Foundation Board.

What is AOII’s tagline?

Inspire Ambition

What is the title of the primary HQ staff member who partners with network volunteers in supporting your chapter quizlet?

Name the chapter’s Network Director (ND) or Network Specialist – Development (NS- D), an international volunteer who works with the ADCE or ADG in supporting your chapter.

How much does it cost to be in Alpha Omicron Pi?

To join Life Loyal AOII there is a one-time fee of $299 USD. If you are a 50+ year member, you receive a discounted one-time rate of $189. Please note, Life Loyal membership fees are help pay for the production of To Dragma, a program of the Fraternity, and as a result are not tax-deductible.

How do you go early alum in Alpha Omicron Pi?

Early alum is extremely hard to get and is very rare. To get alum status, you would have to have been in AOII for four years or graduate. You can also get alum status if you transfer to a school that doesn’t have AOII.

What is the title of the international volunteer who works with the HQ staff member in supporting your chapter?

What is Alpha Omicron Pi known for?

® Alpha Omicron Pi is a proud sponsor of the Circle of Sisterhood. The Circle of Sisterhood’s mission is to leverage the collective influence of sorority women to raise financial resources for entities around the world that are removing educational barriers for girls and women facing poverty and oppression.

What is the prettiest sorority?

Without further ado, the top 10 best-looking sororities in the SEC:

  1. Kappa Delta – University of Georgia.
  2. Zeta Tau Alpha – University of Florida.
  3. Alpha Omicron Pi – University of Georgia.
  4. Phi Mu – University of Alabama.
  5. Kappa Delta – Ole Miss.
  6. Delta Delta Delta – University of Kentucky.
  7. Delta Gamma – University of Missouri.