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What is a substance that when dissolved in water produces a solution that conducts electric current very efficiently?


What is a substance that dissolves in water and conducts electric current?

Some substances when dissolved in water to produce a solution will conduct an electrical current. Solutions that contain this capability are called Electrolytes. Because the electrical current is transported by the ions in solution, the conductivity increases as the concentration of ions increases.

Is Gorilla Super Glue conductive?

As others have said super glue is not conductive. You can buy conductive adhesive which is used when normal soldering is not practical.

Can you use Vaseline as conductive gel?

If you are desperate and need a medium to assist with slippage and movement of the applicator probes, you could technically use something like water, aloe vera gel, serums, saline, ultrasound gel, ultrasonic gel. However, baby oil and vaseline should not be used as they do not conduct the current.

What can be used as a substitute for ultrasound gel?

What Can You Use Instead of Ultrasound Gel – Alternatives?

  • KY Jelly. One of the most common ultrasound gel alternatives, KY Jelly is a water-based and water-soluble product that is used as a personal lubricant.
  • Bio Oil.
  • Moisturizers & Creams.
  • Hand Sanitizer.
  • Skin Gel or Aloe Vera.

How do you make homemade ultrasound gel?


  1. Combine 1 part corn starch to 10 parts water in a pan.
  2. Heat this mixture while stirring constantly at medium heat for 5-10 minutes.
  3. When the substance begins to boil, turn off the heat and allow the mixture to cool.
  4. Pour the mixture into a clean, preferably sterilized, container.
  5. Ultrasound away!

What kind of gel do they use for ultrasounds?

Ultrasound gel is a thick substance composed of water and propylene glycol, a synthetic compound often found in food and cosmetic or hygiene products. It has a sticky consistency, allowing it to be spread over the skin without dripping or running off.

Can you use aloe vera gel for ultrasound?

#3 Aloe Vera Aloe vera is typically used as a skin gel to ease sunburns. It’s also a popular option for fetal doppler gel alternatives. Like ultrasound gel, it has a gloopy consistency, meaning it should create a similar barrier between the womb and the probe.