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What is a prism with 6 congruent faces?

What is a prism with 6 congruent faces?

A prism is named for the shape of its base. This figure is the familiar cube, which is a type of rectangular prism. The cube is also called a “regular hexahedron,” because it has 6 congruent faces.

How many congruent bases does a prism have?

with 2 congruent bases

What shape has a congruent face?


acute angle An angle that is less than a right angle.
angle Two rays with a common endpoint.
cone A solid, pointed figure that has a flat, round base.
congruent Having the same size and shape.
cube A solid figure with six congruent square faces.

How do you prove circles are congruent?

If two circles have congruent radii, then they’re congruent circles. If two arcs are both equal in measure and they’re segments of congruent circles, then they’re congruent arcs. Notice that two arcs of equal measure that are part of the same circle are congruent arcs, since any circle is congruent to itself.

What do congruent circles look like?

Congruent circles Two circles are congruent if they have the same size. The size can be measured as the radius, diameter or circumference. They can overlap.

What do you call a teardrop shape?

A “teardrop” 2D shape (bottom half circle, top-half kindof diamond shape) probably has a name (I don’t know – someone suggested squircle which I love – because it’s half square, half circle…).

What is a 6 sided L shape called?


Regular hexagon
A regular hexagon
Type Regular polygon
Edges and vertices 6
Schläfli symbol {6}, t{3}

What shape is a no passing sign?

No passing zone signs are pennant shaped, meaning that the sign tapers into a horizontally oriented isosceles triangle shape.