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What is a mechanical definition?

1 : of or relating to machinery He has mechanical skill. 2 : made or operated by a machine a mechanical toy. 3 : done or produced as if by a machine Charles Wallace … started to walk in a strange, gliding, mechanical manner.—

What is the definition of mechanical in science?

mechanical. 1. Pertaining to, governed by, or in accordance with, mechanics, or the laws of motion; pertaining to the quantitative relations of force and matter, as distinguished from mental, vital, chemical, etc.; as, mechanical principles; a mechanical theory; mechanical deposits.

What do you mean by mechanical explain your answer?

Mechanical means relating to machines and engines and the way they work.

What is an example of mechanical force?

An example of mechanical force is the thrust of an airplane. The airplane’s engines make use of a propulsion system, which creates a mechanical force or thrust. When a hammer is used to hit a nail into a wall, both the hammer’s and the hammering person’s mechanical force are used.

How do we use mechanical energy in our daily life?

Windmills convert mechanical energy to electrical energy in homes. Hitting a drum converts mechanical energy to sound energy. Rubbing your hands together converts mechanical energy to thermal energy. Turning on a light switch converts mechanical energy to electrical and radiant energy.

How does riding a bike use energy?

Instead of using gasoline or diesel fuel like motorized vehicles, bicycles turn our energy, created by our bodies, into kinetic energy. A bicycle can convert up to 90% of a person’s energy and movement into kinetic energy, making it the most efficient transportation mode to date.

What kind of energy is used by your body?

The Fundamental Law of Energy Like an automobile only runs on gasoline, the human body runs on only one kind of energy: chemical energy. More specifically, the body can use only one specific form of chemical energy, or fuel, to do biological work – adenosine triphosphate (ATP).