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What is a heterogeneous mixture answers com?

A mixture where two or more substances are mixed together but are not chemically combined is called as an heterogeneous mixture.

What is a good heterogeneity?

A rough guide to interpretation is as follows: 0% to 40%: might not be important. 30% to 60%: moderate heterogeneity. 50% to 90%: substantial heterogeneity. 75% to 100%: considerable heterogeneity.

How do you determine heterogeneity?

The classical measure of heterogeneity is Cochran’s Q, which is calculated as the weighted sum of squared differences between individual study effects and the pooled effect across studies, with the weights being those used in the pooling method.

How do you describe heterogeneous?

Heterogeneous most generally means consisting of different, distinguishable parts or elements. The word is used in a more specific way in the context of chemistry to describe a mixture consisting of two or more different substances or the same substance in different phases of matter (such as ice and liquid water).

Can a heterogeneous mass be benign?

Soft tissue tumors are a heterogeneous group of benign and malignant lesions that develop from various nonepithelial, extraskeletal elements, including adipose tissue, smooth and skeletal muscle, tendon, cartilage, fibrous tissue, blood vessels, and lymphatic structures.

What does it mean to have a heterogeneous liver?

Normal liver echogenicity is homogeneous, with fine echoes. 1 One of the main causes of heterogeneous echogenicity of the liver is chronic liver disease/cirrhosis (Figure 1 of the supplementary material). Other common conditions leading to heterogeneous echogenicity are patchy steatosis and diffuse tumor infiltration.

What is another word for heterogeneous?

Heterogeneous Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for heterogeneous?

mixed varied
diverse diversified
contrasting disparate
unrelated divergent
unlike incongruous

What is the opposite of heterogeneous?

heterogenous, heterogeneous(adj) originating outside the body. Antonyms: solid, homogenized, self-coloured, homogenous, homogeneous, self-colored, homogenised, uniform, consistent.

What is a another word for a heterogeneous society?

different, disparate, dissimilar, divergent, diverse, heterogeneous, manifold, mixed, unlike, unrelated, varied, various, varying.