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What is a good sample size for statistical analysis?

Some researchers do, however, support a rule of thumb when using the sample size. For example, in regression analysis, many researchers say that there should be at least 10 observations per variable. If we are using three independent variables, then a clear rule would be to have a minimum sample size of 30.

How do you determine appropriate sample size?

How to Find a Sample Size Given a Confidence Interval and Width (unknown population standard deviation)

  1. za/2: Divide the confidence interval by two, and look that area up in the z-table: .95 / 2 = 0.475.
  2. E (margin of error): Divide the given width by 2. 6% / 2.
  3. : use the given percentage. 41% = 0.41.
  4. : subtract. from 1.

How do you determine the sampling method?

Methods of sampling from a population

  1. Simple random sampling. In this case each individual is chosen entirely by chance and each member of the population has an equal chance, or probability, of being selected.
  2. Systematic sampling. Individuals are selected at regular intervals from the sampling frame.
  3. Stratified sampling.
  4. Clustered sampling.

What types of data in statistics?

Simple data types

Data Type Possible values Level of measurement
categorical 1, 2., K (arbitrary labels) nominal scale
ordinal integer or real number (arbitrary scale) ordinal scale
binomial 0, 1., N interval scale
count nonnegative integers (0, 1.) ratio scale

What are common data examples?

An example of data is information collected for a research paper. An example of data is an email. Facts that can be analyzed or used in an effort to gain knowledge or make decisions; information. Facts or figures to be processed; evidence, records, statistics, etc.

What are two data mining examples?

These are some examples of data mining in current industry.

  • Marketing. Data mining is used to explore increasingly large databases and to improve market segmentation.
  • Retail.
  • Banking.
  • Medicine.
  • Television and radio.

Where do we use data mining?

Here is the list of 14 other important areas where data mining is widely used:

  • Future Healthcare. Data mining holds great potential to improve health systems.
  • Market Basket Analysis.
  • Manufacturing Engineering.
  • CRM.
  • Fraud Detection.
  • Intrusion Detection.
  • Customer Segmentation.
  • Financial Banking.

What are the types of data mining?

Data mining has several types, including pictorial data mining, text mining, social media mining, web mining, and audio and video mining amongst others.

What is the best mining tool of 21st century?

Top 10 Data Mining Tools

  • RapidMiner (Formerly Known as YALE )
  • R.
  • WEKA.
  • SAS.
  • KNIME.
  • Orange.
  • IBM SPSS Modeler.
  • H2O.