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What happens when an element is radioactive?

When radioactive atoms decay, they release energy in the form of ionizing radiation (alpha particles, beta particles and/or gamma rays). The energy is called ionizing radiation because it has enough energy to knock tightly bound electrons from an atom’s orbit. This causes the atom to become a charged ion.

What does it mean when an element is radioactive quizlet?

a reaction involving the particles in the nucleus of an atom that can change one element into another element. radioactive decay. the process in which the atomic nuclei of unstable isotopes release fast-moving particles and energy. radioactivity. the spontaneous emission of radiation by an unstable atomic nucleus.

What best describes a radioactive element?

Radioactive elements are unstable isotopes that release subatomic particles or energy as they decay. Alpha decay releases two protons and two neutrons. It’s potentially dangerous but can be stopped by a thin barrier. Beta decay releases an electron, and a neutron becomes a proton.

What is the duration of action of a drug?

The duration of action of a drug is known as its half life. This is the period of time required for the concentration or amount of drug in the body to be reduced by one-half. We usually consider the half life of a drug in relation to the amount of the drug in plasma.

Which is an action of a drug?

The action of drugs on the human body is called pharmacodynamics, and what the body does with the drug is called pharmacokinetics. The drugs that enter the human tend to stimulate certain receptors, ion channels, act on enzymes or transporter proteins. As a result, they cause the human body to react in a specific way.

What is onset of action of drug?

Onset of action is the duration of time it takes for a drug’s effects to come to prominence upon administration. With oral administration, it typically ranges anywhere from 20 minutes to over an hour, depending on the drug in question.

What is the peak of a drug?

The peak level is the highest concentration of a drug in the patient’s bloodstream. Note: Random drug levels may be ordered and are appropriate for monitoring drug usage if drug is being administered by continuous IV infusion.

What is peak blood?

A “peak” is the highest level of the drug in the patient’s blood stream and is generally measured about 30 minutes after a dose of medication has completely infused.

What is a peak effect?

PEAK EFFECT: Another estimate of effect, which represents the maximum effect of any single dose administered during a multiple-dose regimen, is strongly recommended for most drugs for most indications.

What is metoclopramide used for?

Metoclopramide is an anti-sickness medicine (known as an antiemetic). It’s used to help stop you feeling or being sick (nausea or vomiting) including: after radiotherapy or chemotherapy (treatment for cancer)